Chapter Summary


  • Clustering

  • DIMM

  • Disaster-recovery plan

  • Distributed lock manager (DLM)

  • Hardware RAID

  • Hot spare

  • Hot swap

  • Network interface card

  • RAID

  • RAID 0

  • RAID 0/1

  • RAID 1

  • RAID 5

  • Redundancy

  • Risk analysis

  • Scalability

  • SIMM

  • Software RAID

  • Warm swap

You should now have a good handle on how to plan for and recover from any disasters that might strike your server. As with just about anything in the IT industry, the key is good planning.

This chapter began by looking at disaster-recovery planning. The importance of performing a risk analysis before starting your disaster-recovery planning was discussed. This step is frequently overlooked as people rush to start configuring servers, but for servers that contain mission-critical data, this is an exercise that ...

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