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Serverless Architecture using .NET: Advanced Techniques

Video Description

Know serverless better!

About This Video

  • Learn about Serverless Architectures.
  • Implement Serverless Architectures in the IoT domain.
  • Use API Gateway in Azure.

In Detail

The goal of the course is to you get acquainted with the Function-as-a-Service offering from Microsoft Azure and Azure Functions. After understanding Serverless Architectures, the course will dwell into triggers and how to use them in code to react to events that occur in several Azure Services.

Moving on, you’ll learn about IoT Solution Architecture and get into the meat of Azure IoT Hub including deploying IoT Hub, simulating devices, sending and receiving messages and building Serverless IoT Solutions using Azure Functions and IoT Hub. Finally, the course will cover advanced Azure services like API Gateways, Azure App Insights, Azure Search and Azure Billing.

By the end of this course, you will be well familiar with the advanced techniques in Serverless Architecture.