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Serverless Azure Functions: Debugging, Deployment and Chatbots

Video Description

Explore How to Deploy, Monitor, Debug and Design Scalable Solutions with Azure Serverless Computing

About This Video

  • Monitor, debug, and setup Deployment and manage codebases.
  • Integrate and build a web service for Facebook messenger chatbot.
  • Design and build a scalable architecture using Functions, Queues, and Event-sourced database model in CosmosDB.

In Detail

Azure Functions provides great solutions for processing data, integrating systems, and building simple APIs to complex micro-services without having to worry about underlying infrastructure for scalability. This volume covers how a serverless application can be designed.

By the end of the course you'll have mastered how Azure Functions can be a great tool to design highly scalable web services. You'll also have created an production-level solution of a chatbot with serverless tools such as CosmosDB and Queues with a good understanding of why they were chosen and how they play an important role in the design of the serverless architecture.