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Serverless Computing with Azure

Video Description

Build serverless applications on Azure using its functions, tools & services for a faster & cost effective app management

About This Video

  • Pragmatic approach with working examples for effective use of Serverless Computing
  • Guidance from the concept level through deploying & managing an application
  • Covers the most relevant topics to bring you quickly up to speed with Azure Functions

In Detail

Serverless Computing is an architecture that is gaining popularity & with good reason: it’s lightweight, perfect for microservices & provides reliability with flexible pricing models. With Azure Functions, developers can deploy code that performs simple tasks which can be used by other Azure services, including mobile & web applications, social network sites, storage accounts, databases & more! This course will train you in the fundamentals of serverless computing from creating & deploying an application to the options & configuration that you’re able to control in your Serverless App using Azure Functions. To demonstrate the concepts, a sample application that issues Shared Access Signature tokens to provide access to storage containers will be deployed & configured using the Azure infrastructure & services.By the end of the course, you will have the skills to develop, run, deploy & manage your serverless application using Azure functions.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Serverless Computing on Azure
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:26
    2. Intro to the Course and the App We Are Building 00:03:02
    3. What Components Make Up a Serverless App? 00:01:49
    4. What Kinds of Apps Can You Make with Azure Functions? 00:01:19
    5. What Kinds of Triggers Can an Azure Function Use? 00:04:31
    6. What Languages Can You Use to Write Azure Functions? 00:03:04
    7. How Does Pricing Work in Serverless Computing? 00:05:57
  2. Chapter 2 : Create Your Serverless Application
    1. Signing Up for and Signing into the Azure Portal 00:06:07
    2. How to Create an Azure Functions Account 00:07:54
    3. Creating a Storage Account for Blobs, Tables, and Queues 00:06:07
    4. Using Azure Functions from Visual Studio and VS Code 00:07:24
    5. Adding Your Code to an Azure Function to Make It Serverless 00:05:20
  3. Chapter 3 : Customize Your Serverless Application
    1. Switching Between Consumption and App Service Plan 00:04:53
    2. Configuring Application Settings for Your Azure Functions App 00:03:31
    3. How to Configure a Custom Domain? 00:02:21
    4. Securing Your Serverless Application with an SSL Certificate 00:04:09
    5. Configuring Authentication on Your Serverless Application 00:03:25
  4. Chapter 4 : Manage Your Serverless Application
    1. Managing Deployment Slots 00:04:07
    2. Adding and Managing Proxies 00:03:35
    3. Configuring Your Serverless App for Automatic Deployment 00:04:50
    4. Scaling and Defining Limits for Your Serverless Application 00:03:53
  5. Chapter 5 : Monitor for Reliability and Performance with Application Insights
    1. Enabling Application Insights 00:04:51
    2. Configuring Your Serverless App to Forward Logs and Metrics 00:03:40
    3. Using Application Insights to View Events and App Usage Data 00:05:03
    4. Viewing Performance Data and Failure Reports with App Insights 00:02:27
    5. Creating Availability Alerts with Application Insights 00:04:15
  6. Chapter 6 : Test and Connect Your Code Using Azure Functions Tools
    1. Tips and Concepts to Help You Create High Performing Functions 00:03:48
    2. Develop and Test Locally with the Azure Functions Core Tools 00:02:43
    3. Connecting with the Code on GitHub 00:02:32