Access Management, 124

AI (Acquire and Implement), 15

appendices, service agreements, 172

assurances, business integrity, 43-45

ATMs, out of service example, 2-4

audits, service agreements, 172

availability, ITSPs, 63


balance, partner compass, 114

BIA (Business Impact Analysis), 42

budgets, 130, 144

Business Impact Analysis (BIA), 42

business management, customer roles, 120

Business Relationship Manager, 122

business services, 39

defining, 29-33

business transformations, 145-146

business units covered, service contracts, 91

business value creation, ITIL, 21

business view, agreed upon objectives, 89


capacity, 99

ITSPs, 64

Capacity and Availability Managers, 124

capitalizing on strengths, 5

change advisory board members, customer roles, ...

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