Chapter 6. Implementing a Service Management Strategy

In This Chapter

  • Finding out what service management can do for your organization

  • Applying the vision to your business service infrastructure

  • Measuring your organization against the vision

  • Discovering what service management looks like inside your organization

  • Achieving the desired end state

If you've read the preceding five chapters of this book, you should have a good idea of what service management is and the role it can play in helping your organization respond to customers and manage change.

In this chapter, we delve into what it means to implement service management. We give you some examples of working across all aspects of business operations in an integrated way and show how you can use this approach to improve and extend the value of your company's brand.

Seeing What Service Management Can Do for Your Organization

A service, in many instances, is a way of delivering value to a customer by facilitating the customer's expected outcome. Effective service management is a way to ensure that outcome. It's also a way to prepare your company for disruptive change.

You're probably asking, "What does that mean−preparing your company for disruptive change?" Well, this isn't your father's (or mother's) service delivery world. In the old days, the service provider might count on minimal change in the services that it delivered. In today's markets, for most businesses, such market stability is absent. Consequently, service providers have to ...

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