Chapter 19

The Registry and the Repository

In This Chapter

Reusing business services

Discovering the role of the broker

Defining the registry

Understanding the repository

If you have only three business services, you don’t really need an organized way to manage them — any piece of paper will do. However, if you’re thinking of business services as a way of leveraging your software assets across business units, you do need an organizing mechanism. And how you organize, manage, and govern your services is with the registry and repository. Not only do you need to know where to find a service, you need to know what that service does. You also need to know what the rules of use are for that service). In other words, you need to know who created that service and whether you’re allowed to use it and change it.

In this chapter, we lay out the concept of a registry and a repository and also how they help you manage the business services you’re creating. We also explain how all this works as well as the components you need to put in place to make sure that your SOA environment is well taken care of. Without these organizing elements, you won’t be able to receive optimal benefit from the business services you create.

Enabling the Reuse of Business Services

One of the most significant benefits of service oriented architecture is the capability of sharing existing business services in lots of different situations. These business services — such as open a new customer account or establish a ...

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