Chapter 5

Organizational and IT Perspectives of Service Systems and Networks

Without question, a competitive service organization is a system that is always well developed, cost-effectively controlled, and efficiently managed. We fully understand that a service organization must be positioned in offering service products to its prospective customers. However, the real value of service is not created until the offered service products are utilized by customers who acquired the services. As discussed in the preceding chapters, to a service provider in today's service-led economy, it is the people (customers and employees) rather than physical goods that must be put first and are at the center of its organizational structures and operations. To the service customers, service satisfaction in light of meeting their meets is what truly matters although the eventual satisfaction is subjective and varies with a variety of factors. Regardless of the size and nature of a service business, the daily operations of a service organization are commonly run and managed through some fundamental while relevant business processes (Figure 5.1).


Figure 5.1 Core business processes in support of business operations in service organizations.

Because we must focus on engineering and delivering services using all available means to meet the technical functional and socioeconomic needs and hence realize ...

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