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Setup Your Own Asterisk VoIP Server with Android, iOS & Windows Apps

Video Description

VoIP for Dummies - Asterisk VoIP Server setup with Android, iOS, Win Apps - Using Fully Open Source Server and Clients

About This Video

  • You’ll learn about the architecture and the working of VoIP technology.
  • You will learn to configure VoIP for Android and iOS.

In Detail

VoIP for Dummies - Asterisk VoIP Server setup with Android, iOS, Win Apps - Using fully open-source server and clients.

In this course, we will set up a VoIP server and the client devices, and the clients can make calls in between them using the VoIP server. And no prior experience is required. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make phone calls across devices without using the normal analogue phone connection. So, your calls will be placed across the internet and the normal phone lines are not required.

Learning and becoming an expert in VoIP technology is actually a very rewarding career because VoIP technology is very extensive so far and there is some time in future where we will discard all those analogue telephone lines and we will rely completely on VoIP-based IP telephones. Because we need only a single internet channel, rather than having multiple channels.

So, the world is evolving into that kind of a technology and VoIP experts are very much required in the market. And by the end of this course, you’ll be a VoIP expert not only with the name but also with hands-on knowledge.

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