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Seven Keys to Imagination

Book Description

As a radically new world emerges from one of the deepest global crises in living memory, individuals, teams, organizations and even entire countries will feel the urge to reinvent themselves in order to fit in. They will need to apply their imagination – their capacity to dream – and to pursue those dreams with determination.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Figures and Tables
  8. prelude
  9. part one - preparing the way
    1. the magic of imagination
      1. it's a kind of magic
      2. imagination as magic of the mind
      3. unveiling the wisdom of the mad one
      4. capricious imagination
      5. imagination reigns
    2. unleashing the wizard within
      1. imagining the future
      2. creating the future
      3. making the future
      4. predicting the future
      5. lucrative economies of imagination
      6. unleashing the wizard inside you
  10. part two - the seven keys
    1. 1 The first key: trade-on mindset
      1. the key to a magical mindset
      2. imagining new futures with trade-on eyes
      3. double-trade-ons
      4. seeing the world through trade-off lenses
      5. strategic mindsets to imagine the future
      6. a mindset for creating higher futures
    2. 2 The second key: customer obsession
      1. the challenging art of perspective taking
      2. empathy
      3. an actor's key to inhabiting other people
      4. customer obsession driving unthinkable futures
    3. 3 The third key: purposeful mission
      1. when wild imagination meets your deepest emotions
      2. the moral fabric of purposeful missions
      3. the key to unlocking the missionary within
    4. 4 The fourth key: Wiraqocha leaders
      1. the path of Wiraqocha
      2. Wiraqocha leaders
      3. Wiraqocha leadership: a journey for all
      4. the key to forming a Wiraqocha leadership group
      5. fallen angels become guardian angels
      6. transcending common pitfalls
    5. 5 The fifth key: tinkunacuy
      1. multicomplementors
      2. the social initiation of a French–Japanese marriage
      3. tinkunacuy vs. servinacuy
      4. many roads to tinkunacuy
      5. the key to a successful tinkunacuy
    6. 6 The sixth key: gentlemen’s promises
      1. a Roman gentleman's promise
      2. strategic objectives aren't gentlemen's promises
      3. the key to delivering on gentlemen's promises
    7. 7 The seventh key: common glue
      1. common glue as social alchemy
      2. how to deliver new and positive futures
      3. the key to common glue: harmony, holism, holograms
    8. Epilogue
  11. Notes
    1. text notes
  12. Index