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Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis

Book Description

Early works on business analysis suggest that use of specific diagrams, possessing a technical background or being a strong facilitator is what makes a successful business analyst. Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis advances the field by illustrating how all of these factors combined, along with many others, are the key to success. This book gives insight into the ideal skills and characteristics of successful business analysts and provides a foundation of learning for effecting business analysis work. This guide will also help prepare you for business analysis certification by explaining the tasks and knowledge areas in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK™).

Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis will help build the skill sets of new and experienced analysts, and those currently doing analysis work including project managers, system analysts, product managers and business development professionals. Human resource professionals who are working to establish business analysis job descriptions and career paths in their organizations and executives who may have responsibility for managing and evaluating the success of business analysts will also find this book useful.

Key Features
  • Provides a “how to” approach to business analysis work for those entering the profession and for those wishing to reach a higher level of success
  • Presents detailed explanations of business analysis tasks, strategies and techniques, including examples of successful and less-than-successful project situations from which to learn
  • Covers the tasks and knowledge areas for the new 2009 v2.0 of the IIBA BABOK and helps prepare business analysts for the CBAP™ certification exam
  • Explains the business analysis fundamental concepts and terms for the new analyst in language they can understand
  • WAV offers free downloadable business analysis white papers and business analysis planning templates that can be customized to fit each organization’s needs — available for the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com