SharePoint® 2007 Collaboration For Dummies®

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If you’re looking for a way to help your teams access what they need to know, work together, and get the job done, SharePoint can do just that. SharePoint 2007 Collaboration For Dummies shows you the easiest way to set up and customize SharePoint, manage your data, interact using SharePoint blogs and wikis, integrate Office programs, and make your office more productive.

You’ll learn what SharePoint can do and how to make it work for your business, understand the technical terms, and enable your people to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets. You’ll even discover how to get SharePoint help online.

  • Work with SharePoint’s information-sharing and team productivity tools

  • See how data is stored in lists and libraries and arrange access for your teams

  • Use SharePoint’s meeting workspaces and add the capability for virtual meetings online

  • Create blogs where team members can share ideas and wiki libraries to keep information up to date

  • Keep everything on track with task lists and workflows to assign and monitor projects and progress

  • Integrate Word and Excel, or connect SharePoint to Outlook 2007 so you can access information from your inbox

  • Use Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to create custom workflows for your SharePoint task lists

  • With tips for designing the perfect SharePoint site and ideas about enhancing your team meetings with meeting workspaces, SharePoint 2007 Collaboration For Dummies helps you put this great collaboration tool to work right away.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Author's Acknowledgments
    4. Publisher's Acknowledgments
    5. Introduction
      1. How to Use This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. How This Book Is Organized
        1. Part I: Implementing SharePoint Collaboration
        2. Part II: Managing Your SharePoint Data
        3. Part III: Getting the Most Out of Your SharePoint Site
        4. Part IV: Using Office Programs with SharePoint
        5. Part V: The Part of Tens
      4. Conventions Used in This Book
        1. Special icons
      5. Where to Go from Here
    6. I. Implementing SharePoint Collaboration
      1. 1. Collaborating with SharePoint
        1. 1.1. Using SharePoint to Collaborate
          1. 1.1.1. Discovering what SharePoint is and how it works
          2. 1.1.2. Understanding SharePoint as a Web-based technology
          3. 1.1.3. Discovering how teams can use SharePoint to successfully collaborate
            1. Sharing information in SharePoint
            2. Sharing ideas in SharePoint
        2. 1.2. Exploring the SharePoint Home Page
          1. 1.2.1. Checking out the typical components of a SharePoint site
          2. 1.2.2. Navigating a SharePoint site
            1. A tale of a trail of breadcrumbs
            2. Enabling and using the Tree View
            3. Using Quick Launch links
            4. Taking a quick tour of an out-of-the-box SharePoint site
        3. 1.3. Getting Online SharePoint Help
        4. 1.4. Finding Your Way on the SharePoint Site with Search
      2. 2. Setting Up the SharePoint Site for Your Teams
        1. 2.1. Finding out how SharePoint Sites Are Organized
          1. 2.1.1. Checking out the basics
            1. Using Web Part zones to format a page's Web Parts
            2. Using different Web Parts for different types of information
          2. 2.1.2. Understanding the hierarchy of a typical SharePoint site
            1. Looking at the function of subsites in a SharePoint site
            2. Checking out the common properties of a SharePoint site collection
        2. 2.2. Customizing the Appearance of Your SharePoint Site
          1. 2.2.1. Personalizing a SharePoint page
          2. 2.2.2. Modifying the Look and Feel options from the Site Settings page
            1. Changing the SharePoint site's title, description, and logo
            2. Selecting a new site theme
            3. Modifying the Quick Launch
              1. Adding Quick Launch links and changing their order
              2. Editing Quick Launch links
            4. Customizing the Top Link bar
        3. 2.3. Adding Subsites to Your SharePoint Site
          1. 2.3.1. Selecting the right template for the audience of your subsite
          2. 2.3.2. Setting permission and navigation settings
        4. 2.4. Adding Individual Web Pages to a Site's Document Library
        5. 2.5. Editing Web Parts on the Pages of Your SharePoint Site
          1. 2.5.1. Adding Web Parts
          2. 2.5.2. Rearranging Web Parts
          3. 2.5.3. Deleting Web Parts
            1. Replacing the Windows SharePoint Services logo with a more pertinent Web Part
            2. Replacing the Windows SharePoint Services logo with your own logo image
      3. 3. Giving Your Teams Access to the SharePoint Site
        1. 3.1. Adding Team Members as Authenticated SharePoint Site Users
        2. 3.2. Understanding SharePoint Groups and Permissions
          1. 3.2.1. Adding or removing site collection administrators
          2. 3.2.2. Adding a Site Users Web Part to your SharePoint home page
        3. 3.3. Assigning Individual Team Members to SharePoint Groups
          1. 3.3.1. Creating a new SharePoint group
          2. 3.3.2. Adding authenticated users to a SharePoint group
        4. 3.4. Managing SharePoint Users and Groups
          1. 3.4.1. Modifying a SharePoint group's site permissions
          2. 3.4.2. Modifying a particular team member's site permissions by reassigning his group
          3. 3.4.3. Editing a team member's user information
          4. 3.4.4. Removing a team member from the SharePoint site
        5. 3.5. Modifying Site Permission Levels
    7. II. Managing Your SharePoint Data
      1. 4. Creating and Maintaining SharePoint Lists
        1. 4.1. SharePoint Lists 101
        2. 4.2. Adding Lists to Your SharePoint Site
          1. 4.2.1. The different types of standard lists
          2. 4.2.2. Creating a new list for the site
          3. 4.2.3. Entering data into a new list
          4. 4.2.4. Entering and editing data in a list in Datasheet view
            1. Selecting and editing cells in Datasheet view
            2. Using the task pane in Datasheet view
            3. Modifying the columns in a list in Datasheet view
              1. Adding a new column to the list
              2. Selecting the right field type for a new column
            4. Sorting records in a list in Datasheet view
            5. Filtering records in a list in Datasheet view
          5. 4.2.5. Importing data from another compatible application program
          6. 4.2.6. Adding columns to a custom list
          7. 4.2.7. Modifying or creating a new view for a SharePoint list
            1. Modifying a list view
            2. Creating a list view
              1. Applying a custom view to a list
              2. Creating a copy of a list using a Web Part with a custom view
      2. 5. The Care and Feeding of SharePoint Libraries
        1. 5.1. Understanding What Makes SharePoint Libraries Tick
        2. 5.2. Using the Default Shared Documents Library
        3. 5.3. Uploading Documents to a Documents Library
          1. 5.3.1. Creating folders for the documents you upload to a library
          2. 5.3.2. Uploading your documents
          3. 5.3.3. Uploading and copying files via an Internet Explorer window
          4. 5.3.4. Uploading files by creating a document library as a Network Place
            1. Adding your SharePoint site as a Network Place in Windows XP
            2. Uploading files to a document library via an XP Network Place
            3. Mapping the SharePoint site as a network drive in Windows Vista
            4. Uploading files to a document library via a Vista network drive
        4. 5.4. Creating a New Word Document for a Library
        5. 5.5. Adding New Libraries and Folders to Your SharePoint Site
          1. 5.5.1. Creating a new document library
          2. 5.5.2. Creating a new picture library
            1. Adding graphics file to a new picture library
            2. Working with the images added to a picture library
        6. 5.6. Customizing a Document Library
          1. 5.6.1. Modifying a library's General Settings
          2. 5.6.2. Modifying a library's Permissions and Management settings
          3. 5.6.3. Modifying a library's Communications settings
        7. 5.7. Adding Columns to a Document Library
        8. 5.8. Modifying and Adding Views to a Document Library
        9. 5.9. Sorting and Filtering a Document Library
    8. III. Getting the Most Out of Your SharePoint Site
      1. 6. Using Meeting Workspaces to Plan and Manage Team Meetings
        1. 6.1. Understanding How You Can Use Meeting Workspaces
        2. 6.2. Creating New Meeting Workspaces
          1. 6.2.1. Creating a meeting workspace from scratch
          2. 6.2.2. Creating a meeting workspace from a SharePoint calendar item
            1. Accessing a meeting workspace created from a calendar item
            2. Adding a Quick Launch link to a meeting workspace created from a calendar item
          3. 6.2.3. Creating a meeting workspace from an Outlook meeting request
        3. 6.3. Linking a Calendar Event to an Existing Meeting Workspace
        4. 6.4. Adding a Button to Launch a Yugma Web Conference
      2. 7. Getting Team Feedback via Surveys and Discussion Boards
        1. 7.1. Using Surveys to Poll Your Teams
          1. 7.1.1. Understanding branching in surveys
          2. 7.1.2. Creating a new SharePoint survey
          3. 7.1.3. Editing a survey
          4. 7.1.4. Adding branching to a survey
          5. 7.1.5. Responding to the survey
          6. 7.1.6. Viewing the survey results
          7. 7.1.7. Using Web Parts to add a survey summary list to the home page
          8. 7.1.8. Exporting survey results to an Excel worksheet
        2. 7.2. Using Discussion Boards to Get Team Feedback
          1. 7.2.1. Adding a new topic to a site's discussion board
          2. 7.2.2. Posting a message to a discussion topic
            1. Replying to someone's post
            2. Switching to a Threaded view of a discussion
          3. 7.2.3. Creating a new discussion board
          4. 7.2.4. Connecting a discussion board to Outlook 2007
      3. 8. Stimulating Team Interaction with Blogs and Wiki Pages
        1. 8.1. Using Blogs to Elicit Your Team's Ideas
          1. 8.1.1. Setting up a SharePoint blog subsite
          2. 8.1.2. Setting up the categories for your blog
          3. 8.1.3. Posting to your new blog
            1. Posting to your SharePoint blog via an Outlook e-mail message
            2. Posting to your SharePoint blog via Word 2007
        2. 8.2. Involving Your Teams in the Care and Feeding of Wiki Page Libraries
          1. 8.2.1. Creating a new SharePoint Wiki page library
            1. Adding new pages to a Wiki library
            2. Editing Wiki pages and reviewing changes and earlier versions
            3. Creating forward links to other Wiki pages
        3. 8.3. Syndicating Blogs with RSS Feeds
          1. 8.3.1. Adding an RSS feed to a blog in Outlook 2007
          2. 8.3.2. Adding an RSS feed to a blog in Firefox
      4. 9. Editing Collaboratively with Document Workspaces
        1. 9.1. Creating a New Document Workspace
          1. 9.1.1. Creating a document workspace from scratch
          2. 9.1.2. Creating a document workspace from a file in an existing document library
          3. 9.1.3. Adding a document workspace to the parent site's Quick Launch
          4. 9.1.4. Creating a document workspace from an Office document
            1. Using the command buttons in the Document Management pane
            2. Synchronizing changes saved locally with the workspace copy of a document
            3. Getting updates on the current status of the document workspace
        2. 9.2. Setting Versioning Settings for the Document Workspace
      5. 10. Managing Tasks, Issues, and Workflows in SharePoint
        1. 10.1. Using the Default Tasks List
          1. 10.1.1. Getting SharePoint to send e-mail when tasks are assigned
          2. 10.1.2. Adding new items to the Tasks list
          3. 10.1.3. Sorting and filtering the Tasks list in the All Tasks view
          4. 10.1.4. Switching the Tasks list to a new view
          5. 10.1.5. Creating a custom Gantt Chart view for your site's Tasks list
          6. 10.1.6. Editing items in the Tasks list
          7. 10.1.7. Connecting the Tasks list to Outlook 2007
        2. 10.2. Adding a Project Tasks List
        3. 10.3. Working with Issue Tracking Lists
          1. 10.3.1. Adding an Issue Tracking list
          2. 10.3.2. Adding issues to the list and tracking their resolution
            1. Customizing the generic issue categories
            2. Editing items in the Issue Tracking list and following them to resolution
        4. 10.4. Creating a SharePoint Workflow
          1. 10.4.1. Understanding the three-state workflow
          2. 10.4.2. Using the three-state workflow to automate issue resolution in an Issue Tracking list
    9. IV. Using Office Programs with SharePoint
      1. 11. Integrating SharePoint and Outlook 2007
        1. 11.1. Connecting Your SharePoint Calendar to Outlook
          1. 11.1.1. Modifying the display of the SharePoint calendar in Outlook
          2. 11.1.2. Adding events to your SharePoint calendar in Outlook
            1. Viewing and modifying calendar events in SharePoint
            2. Copying items from your local calendar to your SharePoint calendar
            3. Adding SharePoint calendar items to your Outlook To-Do Bar
            4. Sharing your SharePoint calendar with other team members
        2. 11.2. Managing SharePoint Contacts in Outlook 2007
          1. 11.2.1. Categorizing, flagging, and communicating with your SharePoint contacts
          2. 11.2.2. Reviewing the e-mail activities that involve a SharePoint contact
        3. 11.3. Outlook and SharePoint Document Libraries
      2. 12. Using Office Applications with SharePoint
        1. 12.1. Editing Document Workspace Files with Their Native Office Applications
          1. 12.1.1. Granting team members access to the document workspace
          2. 12.1.2. Assigning editing tasks to members of the document workspace
          3. 12.1.3. Resolving editing conflicts and deciding which changes to save
        2. 12.2. Saving Documents Directly on the SharePoint Site
        3. 12.3. Excel 2007 and SharePoint Integration
          1. 12.3.1. Exporting Excel 2007 worksheet data to a SharePoint list
          2. 12.3.2. Importing Excel worksheet data into a SharePoint list
      3. 13. Customizing Your SharePoint Site with Office SharePoint Designer 2007
        1. 13.1. Getting Familiar with the Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Interface
        2. 13.2. Viewing Your SharePoint Site's Structure in SharePoint Designer
        3. 13.3. Creating a Custom Workflow with the Workflow Designer
      4. 14. Using InfoPath 2007 with SharePoint
        1. 14.1. Using InfoPath 2007 with SharePoint
          1. 14.1.1. Customizing form templates in InfoPath 2007
          2. 14.1.2. Publishing a customized InfoPath form to a SharePoint form library
        2. 14.2. Using Content Types in SharePoint Form Libraries
          1. 14.2.1. Creating a content type for a form in InfoPath 2007
          2. 14.2.2. Adding a form's content type to a SharePoint form library
          3. 14.2.3. Creating a form library in SharePoint for your InfoPath form template
    10. V. The Part of Tens
      1. 15. Top Ten Tips for Designing Your SharePoint Site
        1. 15.1. Tailoring the SharePoint Site for Your Teams
        2. 15.2. Making a Special Place for Each Team
        3. 15.3. Supplying Your Teams with the Documents They Need
        4. 15.4. Using Announcements and the Calendar to Keep on Top of Updates and Events
        5. 15.5. Organizing and Managing Team Meetings
        6. 15.6. Enabling Collaborative Editing with Document Workspaces
        7. 15.7. Getting Feedback from Teams with Discussion Boards and Surveys
        8. 15.8. Facilitating the Exchange of Ideas with Wiki Pages and Blogs
        9. 15.9. Assigning and Managing the Tasks Teams Need to Get Done
        10. 15.10. Automating Standard Business Processes with Workflows
      2. 16. The Top Ten Challenges to Successful Teamwork
        1. 16.1. Unambiguous Team Responsibilities
        2. 16.2. Effective Team Leadership
        3. 16.3. Easily Accessible Information
        4. 16.4. Universal Team Participation
        5. 16.5. Competent Communication
        6. 16.6. Timely Team Feedback
        7. 16.7. Straightforward Issue Resolution
        8. 16.8. Resourceful Idea Sharing
        9. 16.9. Sound Task Management
        10. 16.10. Measuring Success
    11. Glossary: SharePoint Technical Jargon

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    • Title: SharePoint® 2007 Collaboration For Dummies®
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    • Release date: May 2009
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
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