Chapter 14. Using InfoPath 2007 with SharePoint

In This Chapter

  • Using InfoPath 2007 to create standard forms for your SharePoint site

  • Customizing InfoPath forms and publishing them to a SharePoint form library

  • Creating a form library on your SharePoint site

  • Creating content types for your forms

  • Adding content types to your SharePoint form libraries

In this chapter, you find out how to use Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 — the electronic forms application in the Microsoft Office suite of programs — to customize the forms that your teams need to have available to them on your SharePoint site. You also find out how to then publish these forms to special form libraries on the site. Here, your team members can fill out these forms, and you can easily review and collect them.

You also find out how to use SharePoint's content types to create form templates for all the standard forms that are used in all the subsites all over the entire SharePoint site. By creating a special content type for these standard forms, you make it easy to attach the forms to any form library you set up anywhere on the SharePoint site.

Using InfoPath 2007 with SharePoint

InfoPath provides a great tool for people who depend upon electronic forms for gathering and compiling all the types of information vital to their work. (There's even a free trial version that you can download from the Microsoft Office Online Web site.) InfoPath makes it a snap to customize standard electronic forms you need, such as expense reports, meeting ...

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