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SharePoint 2007 for Business Users Livelessons

Video Description

For every business user working with SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint applications in any company or organization, large or small.


In this one-of-a-kind video course, top SharePoint trainer Heedy Wahlin shows you exactly how to make the most of SharePoint 2007’s most valuable business features.


Just click, watch, and discover how to create highly functional, easy-to-use SharePoint sites…efficiently administer your sites…create customized lists to share and organize data…manage business content with Document Libraries…add advanced capabilities with Web Parts…control site security and user permissions…build automated, highly efficient business workflows…simplify access to information with SharePoint Search…and much more.


Everything’s taught visually, using realistic sample applications. You’ll master essential techniques at your own pace...get specific answers and solutions whenever you need them...and gain maximum business value from SharePoint faster than you ever expected!


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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to SharePoint 2007 for Business Users
    1. Welcome to SharePoint 2007 for Business Users 00:02:09
  2. Introduction to Sharepoint 2007
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:40
    2. Sharepoint Feature Overview 00:03:43
    3. Introduction to Sharepoint Site Templates 00:05:10
    4. Collaboration Portal 00:09:56
  3. Creating Site Collections and Sites
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:01:12
    2. Introduction to Central Administration 00:02:40
    3. Creating a Site and Subsite 00:08:39
    4. Creating Sites Using Microsoft Office 00:06:56
    5. Document Workspaces 00:03:05
  4. Sharepoint Lists
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:47
    2. Creating Lists 00:13:38
    3. Customizing List Views 00:15:23
    4. Creating and Using Site Columns 00:18:45
    5. Creating and Using Content Types 00:11:22
  5. SharePoint Document Libraries
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:01:27
    2. Creating and Using Libraries 00:16:04
    3. Modifying Library Document Templates 00:12:55
    4. Enabling Check-In/Check-Out 00:19:52
  6. SharePoint Pages and Web Parts
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:01:02
    2. Creating and Using Basic Pages 00:09:34
    3. Creating and Using Publishing Pages 00:09:28
    4. Creating a Web Part Page 00:10:31
    5. Using Web Parts in Pages 00:25:03
  7. Managing Security
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:48
    2. Managing Site Security and Permissions 00:21:31
    3. Managing List and Document Library Security 00:06:26
    4. Logging In and Out of a Site 00:02:43
  8. Personalizing SharePoint
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:01:04
    2. Using My Links 00:03:31
    3. Using My Sites 00:12:45
    4. Managing List and Library Alerts 00:18:03
  9. Introduction to Workflows
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:45
    2. Intro to Workflows and Using the Approval Workflow 00:21:11
    3. Using the Three-State Workflow 00:11:39
    4. Creating a Custom Workflow in SharePoint Designer 00:15:13
  10. Customizing Navigation
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:48
    2. Customizing the Top Link Bar 00:06:35
    3. Customizing the Quick Launch Area 00:08:42
    4. Showing the Tree View 00:02:53
  11. SharePoint Search Features
    1. Lesson Objectives 00:00:48
    2. Creating a Search Center 00:05:00
    3. Using Simple and Advanced Searches 00:03:52
    4. Managing Scope, Keywords and Best Bets 00:08:57