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SharePoint® 2010 Administration: Instant Reference

Book Description

Fast, accurate answers on SharePoint 2010 administration—in an instant

If you're a SharePoint administrator and are looking for fast, accurate, easy-to-understand answers and solutions, then this reference is for you. Thumb tabs, secondary and tertiary tables of contents, and special heading treatments ensure quick and easy ways to find practical solutions on the spot. In addition, quick-reference tables, lists, and step-by-step instruction provide even more helpful information on the day-to-day administration of Microsoft's newest collaboration solution.

  • Features invaluable answers and solutions on a variety of SharePoint 2010 issues
  • Includes quick-reference tables, lists, and step-by-step instructions on handling different SharePoint 2010 situations
  • Serves as the perfect companion to any book on SharePoint

Designed for busy IT professionals, this instant reference is the perfect go-to resource.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Authors
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I: Deploying SharePoint 2010
    1. Chapter 1: Installing SharePoint 2010
      1. Prepare for Installation
      2. Install SharePoint 2010
      3. Perform Postinstall Operations
      4. Apply Updates
      5. Automate the Installation
    2. Chapter 2: Creating and Managing Web Applications
      1. Understand Web Applications
      2. Create a Web Application Using Central Administration
      3. Configure Service Application Connections
      4. Create a Web Application Using PowerShell
      5. Configure IIS Settings
      6. Configure Additional Settings
      7. Extend or Delete a Web Application
    3. Chapter 3: Creating and Managing Site Collections
      1. Create Site Collections
      2. Manage Site Collections
      3. Manage Site Settings
    4. Chapter 4: Creating Service Applications
      1. Understand Service Applications
      2. Create and Delete Service Applications
      3. Configure the Built-in Service Applications
      4. Associate Service Applications to Web Applications
    5. Chapter 5: Scaling and High Availability
      1. Understand Farm Topologies
      2. Configure Servers and Services
      3. Scale Out Web Servers
      4. Scale Out Application Servers
      5. Scale Out Database Servers
  9. Part II: Configuring SharePoint 2010
    1. Chapter 6: Configuring System Settings
      1. Manage Content Databases
      2. Manage Email and Text Messages (SMS)
      3. Manage Solutions
      4. Manage Features
    2. Chapter 7: Configuring the User Profiles and My Sites Services
      1. Configure the User Profile Service Application
      2. Configure User Profile Properties
      3. Configure User Profile Synchronization
      4. Manage User Profiles
      5. Configure Audiences
      6. Configure My Sites and Social Networking
    3. Chapter 8: Configuring the Search Service
      1. Configure the Search Service Application
      2. Configure Crawler Impact Rules
      3. Configure Farm Search Administration
      4. Create a New Content Source
      5. Manage Crawls
      6. Define Server Name Mappings
      7. Configure Databases and Host Distribution Rules
      8. Configure IFilters and File Types
      9. Reset the Index
      10. Understand FAST for SharePoint 2010
    4. Chapter 9: Configuring Search Scopes and Search Results
      1. Manage Search Scopes
      2. Create Metadata Property Mappings
      3. Configure Authoritative Pages
      4. Define Keywords and Best Bets
      5. Remove Items from Search Results
      6. Configure Federated Search
      7. View Search Reports
    5. Chapter 10: Configuring Document Management
      1. Configure Versioning and Approval
      2. Create Views
      3. Create Content Types
      4. Create Document Sets
      5. Configure Document IDs
      6. Configure the Content Organizer
    6. Chapter 11: Configuring the Managed Metadata Service
      1. Configure Content Type Syndication
      2. Configure Term Sets
      3. Use Term Sets
      4. Manage Enterprise Keywords
    7. Chapter 12: Configuring Records Management
      1. Understand Records Management in SharePoint
      2. Configure In-Place Records Management
      3. Configure a Records Center
      4. Configure Information Management Policies
      5. Configure eDiscovery and Holds
    8. Chapter 13: Configuring Web Content Management and Publishing
      1. Configure Publishing Features
      2. Configure SharePoint 2010 Caching
      3. Configure Content Deployment
  10. Part III: Managing SharePoint 2010
    1. Chapter 14: Managing Security
      1. Configure Farm-Level Security
      2. Configure Web Application Security
      3. Configure Site Collection Security
    2. Chapter 15: Managing Auditing, Monitoring, and Analytics
      1. Manage Auditing and Audit Reports
      2. Configure Web Analytics Reporting
      3. Use the Health Analyzer
      4. Configure Diagnostic Logging
      5. Manage Timer Jobs
    3. Chapter 16: Managing Backup and Restore
      1. Back Up the Farm
      2. Restore the Farm
      3. Back Up and Restore a Site Collection
      4. Export and Import a Website, List, or Library
      5. Recover Data from an Unattached Content Database
  11. Index