Chapter 4

Developing Sites with Your Web Browser

In This Chapter

arrow Getting into developing sites and pages

arrow Becoming a SharePoint developer guru who can customize SharePoint pages to suit

arrow Creating your own custom templates and views

arrow Making your SharePoint site sparkle with a custom look and feel

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

— Bill Gates

First, the good news: SharePoint can be customized beyond your wildest imagination. SharePoint is built on Microsoft’s .NET platform, so anything is possible — and much of that development can be accomplished right from your Web browser. Because the Web browser is the primary mechanism for most SharePoint interaction, understanding how to use your browser for development is the key to becoming a SharePoint developer guru.

In this chapter, you discover how to create and develop SharePoint sites, pages, custom templates, and views right from your browser. You explore the development of document libraries and lists, and customize content types and site columns. Finally, to give your SharePoint site some ...

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