Getting Started with SharePoint


  • Justifying investment in the SharePoint platform and measuring success
  • Defining platform strategy and prioritizing phased implementations
  • Aligning business needs with the SharePoint platform capabilities

Chapter 1 introduced SharePoint’s features, capabilities, and product line. Chapter 2 broached the subject of who needs to be involved with planning for a SharePoint deployment and what topics may need to be discussed. This chapter reviews the business approach, justification, and values that SharePoint delivers and how to make the most of the platform.

Implementing SharePoint successfully is about more than just the technical preparations. Successful SharePoint platforms owe their success to thinking big and acting small: taking on the right-sized projects and solutions. Taking on too large or complicated an effort will increase the risk of project failure.

Because SharePoint has so many features and capabilities, it’s easy for business stakeholders and project managers to get pulled into a long list of deliverables. Resist the urge.


A quantifiable business value for SharePoint is regularly sought after by both business stakeholders and technical platform owners. They may be justifying the expenses of an initial implementation or of the small or large projects and solutions that are eventually built upon it. Fortunately, a variety of options are available for both how to measure and what ...

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