SharePoint Themes


  • Themes are not what they used to be
  • Creating themes using Office applications
  • Where do themes get stored?
  • Exactly what gets changed with a theme?

What exactly are SharePoint themes, and what can they do for your branding and design schema? SharePoint themes are a basic method of changing the colors and fonts of your SharePoint sites without knowing any code at all. This method will not change or affect any of the positioning of items on your site; it will only change the colors and fonts used within the site.

In the past, SharePoint themes required the creator to know how to work with CSS and where to store the theme files in the web server properly in order for them to work. In SharePoint Server 2010 the way themes work has completely changed. Now there is a new theme engine, and the functionality of themes has been transformed.


How do themes apply to branding? They are now a method that end users can employ to develop their own branding for their sites. The theme engine has changed to become more familiar to users if they have used previous versions of PowerPoint. These new themes are easier to create but not as powerful as a custom CSS file or custom master page when it comes to branding and design for SharePoint Server 2010. It is a basic method for simply changing the color scheme of your site.

Changes to SharePoint Themes

The way themes worked in the past made it more difficult to use them for different ...

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