Cascading Style Sheets and SharePoint


  • What are cascading style sheets?
  • Where SharePoint CSS lives
  • How are cascading style sheets applied?
  • Tools for editing SharePoint CSS

In previous chapters you learned about ways of branding SharePoint. This chapter discusses using cascading style sheets to change the way SharePoint looks. With the changes discussed in the section on master pages and with the material on themes for SharePoint Server 2010, it is now more important than ever that you understand exactly how CSS works.


Cascading style sheets, or CSS, are used by web designers to add style to SharePoint. This standard of styling is translated into reality by a list of browser guidelines for HTML. There is a specific language for creating CSS syntax.

A style sheet is a set of one of more rules that should be applied to a website. A rule is a statement about how to apply a style to an element. The basic components of a rule come down to two parts. The first is a selector, which is the link between the element and the style. After the selector in the rule comes the declaration. The declaration is the part that determines exactly what will be changed and what it will be changed to. The selector and the declaration should be separated by a colon. In Figure 6-1 you can see the breakdown for the selector and declaration.

Once you understand the basic makeup of a CSS rule, you need to understand ...

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