Publishing in SharePoint Server 2010


  • What is a publishing site?
  • How to create and edit publishing pages
  • Understanding page versioning and approval
  • How to configure publishing sites
  • Understanding anonymous access, content deployment, and variations
  • How to create a page layout using SharePoint Designer
  • How to create a page layout using Visual Studio 2010

Some websites you visit regularly because they allow you to perform a task, whether this is checking your e-mail, connecting with a friend on a social media site, checking in for a flight, or checking the balance of your bank account. However, you might visit other websites because they provide information you’re seeking, such as the latest bestseller paperback books or the available shades of paint at your local hardware store.

Web Content Management (WCM) refers to the process of storing and managing web content that is primarily textual and graphical in nature. (This is in contrast to sites that are collaborative or transactional in nature.) Web Content Management software products have several common characteristics:

  • Non-technical users have the ability to publish content (text, images, and documents) to a website without the need for intervention from any IT staff.
  • Content is standardized across a website through the use of page templates.
  • Content can go through an approval process before it appears “live” on a website.
  • Content can be scheduled to appear or disappear from a website at a given point ...

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