Why Social Networking Is Important in SharePoint 2010


  • Discussion of the popularity of social networking and the psychology behind it
  • Walk-through of the social-computing functionality inside SharePoint 2010
  • Levels of planning necessary for a successful SharePoint 2010 My Site deployment

Microsoft has invested an enormous amount of time and effort in SharePoint to transform it into an enterprise-level social platform. My Site in MOSS 2007 was a good start toward collaboration, but it was missing one key component that all existing social media sites have: what is happening right now!

Twitter can be described as a stream of data. When you jump in, you don’t care about the water behind you, just the water that currently surrounds you. At any given moment, it’s possible to determine what anyone in the world is doing with a product or service. This is exactly where SharePoint 2010 is going, but it caters to internal communications. It essentially takes the best aspects of external communications (Twitter statuses, marking tweets as favorites, initiating conversations based on statuses, spotting current trends) and secures them for internal company-wide collaboration. This chapter spends some time discussing what social data is, and how it can positively affect your work life.


The use of social data has been exploding for the past couple of years. In the past, each communication channel took a different amount of time to ...

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