Part I: Foundations and Overview

Chapter 1: SharePoint Overview

Introducing SharePoint

Core SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 Editions


Chapter 2: Planning for SharePoint

Business Planning

IT Professional Planning

Developer Planning

Installation, Configuration, and Migration

Operations and Administration


Chapter 3: Getting Started with SharePoint

Business Justification and ROI

Choosing an Entry Point

Tackling Business Needs with SharePoint Basic Concepts

Build or Buy, On-Premise or Hosted

Beyond Out-of-the-Box


Part II: Branding with SharePoint 2010

Chapter 4: Master Pages

What is Branding?

What’s New with SharePoint Server 2010 Master Pages?


Dynamic Master Pages

Application.Master Page

Designing with the SharePoint Ribbon

Tools for Working with SharePoint Master Pages

Upgrade Considerations for 2007 Master Pages


Chapter 5: SharePoint Themes

SharePoint Themes and Branding

Creating Themes


Chapter 6: Cascading Style Sheets and SharePoint

Cascading Style Sheets: Using Them for Branding SharePoint

CSS and Web Parts

Tools for Working with CSS


Part III: Development with SharePoint

Chapter 7: Features and Solutions

Understanding Features

Understanding Solutions

Features and Solutions in Visual Studio 2010


Chapter 8: Introduction to SharePoint Development

An Introduction to the SharePoint Server-Side Object Model

An Introduction to Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)

An Introduction ...

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