AAM (Alternate Access Mappings), SharePoint projects in Visual Studio

access levels, document collaboration

Access Services




actions, BCS

actions, workflow

conditions and

customizing with Visual Studio for SPD


series and parallel

types of


in Visio

activation dependencies, feature

configuring in Visual Studio 2010

hidden features and

overview of

activation of features

in feature lifecycle

using browser for

using FeatureActivated event receiver

ActivationDependencies element, feature.xml

Active Deployment Configuration, SharePoint project property page

Active Directory

importing profiles from

managing user properties on My Site

responsibilities of team

SharePoint architecture planning

Activity Feed Job,My Site

Add( ) method

adding folders

adding item to collection

Add Event Receiver, creating feature event receiver

Add Feature Resource, Visual Studio 2010

Add Feature, Visual Studio 2010

Add Mapping button, managed properties

Add New Item, Theme gallery

AddContentTypeField element, UpgradeAction

Add-SPSolution command, PowerShell

add-SPUserSolution command, PowerShell

administration. See also search administration

accounts needed for

Business Connectivity Services

document collaboration access

enabling tagging and ratings

Managed Accounts

operations planning

overview of

of profiles on My Site


understanding SharePoint as web platform

Administration Object model, BCS

administrative pages, publishing pages vs.


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