On a weekly basis, some poor IT workers — both IT pros and developers — are saddled with new projects and or technology they know nothing about and are asked to run with them. They’re expected to be successful with little guidance, direction, or training. They’re also expected to pull off these tremendous feats of IT power with little to no leeway time.

In the IT world those to whom this happens are the unsung heroes. They are the backbone of every IT organization. Fortunately, in today’s connected world numberless resources are available for you to read, download, and use to further your knowledge and answer your questions. But these resources can only help if you know what you’re looking for. If you’re new to a platform like SharePoint 2010, you’ll find it has hundreds of new and improved features. You have new terminology and new concepts; without knowing at least a little you may be lost in a sea of blogs, wikis, and search results. If you’ve picked up this book because you fall into this category, you’re in luck. If you are looking at SharePoint 2010 and do not even know where to begin, or if you’re overwhelmed by all the features and pieces that make up SharePoint 2010, rest assured that the authors of this book have picked the some of the key features you should understand to get you going.


This book is designed to get you started with SharePoint 2010. The authors have picked some of the most important areas of 2010 in order to arm you ...

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