Chapter 4

Getting to Know the Team Site

In This Chapter

arrow Building a new SharePoint site

arrow Understanding how to get a Team Site in Office 365

arrow Exploring the features available on a Team Site

arrow Discovering how to modify a Team Site to meet your needs

As you can read in Chapter 3, you create a SharePoint site using a template. You choose the template when you create the site. The most popular site template is the Team Site. A site created using the Team Site template contains a broad set of features designed for team interaction and collaboration.

In this chapter, you walk through creating or requesting a SharePoint site based on the Team Site template. You then find out how to access your Team Site and discover the available functionality.

Creating a SharePoint Site

If you have used SharePoint before, you know that there are often multiple ways to do the same thing. This sounds good in theory, but it led to a lot of confusion by users. Microsoft made some significant changes in SharePoint 2013 to reduce confusion and streamline the product. Creating a new site is a perfect example. Where ...

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