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SharePoint® 2013 on Demand

Book Description

Need answers quickly? SharePoint 2013 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

• Take a tour of SharePoint to see what you do

• Create a SharePoint site from built-in templates

• Use Newsfeed and My Site to stay connected with social networking

• Create a blog and community site to collaborate and share ideas

• Create lists and libraries to store data and documents on a site

• Add built-in apps, or ones from the SharePoint Store, to a site for extended functionality

• Synchronize documents to a SkyDrive on SharePoint

• Work with Office programs and documents on SharePoint

• Upload and use documents and media files on pages

• Customize pages with web and app parts

• Change site permissions for enhanced security

Illustrations with matching steps

Tasks are presented on one or two pages

Numbered Steps guide you through each task

Did You Know? alerts you to tips and techniques

See Also points you to related information in the book

Bonus Online Content

Register your book at queondemand.com to gain access to:

• Example files

• Keyboard shortcuts

Visit the author site: perspection.com

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Acknowledgments
    1. Perspection, Inc.
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About the Author
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. How This Book Works
    2. What’s New
    3. Keyboard Shortcuts
    4. Step-by-Step Instructions
    5. Real World Examples
    6. Workshops
    7. Microsoft Certification
    8. Get More on the Web
  7. 1. Getting Started with SharePoint
    1. Introduction
    2. Introducing SharePoint
    3. Understanding How SharePoint Works
    4. Preparing to Use SharePoint
    5. Using SharePoint or Office 365 Sites
    6. Accessing SharePoint
    7. Viewing the SharePoint Window
    8. Getting Around SharePoint
    9. Using the SharePoint Ribbon
    10. Choosing SharePoint Commands
    11. Viewing and Editing SharePoint Settings
    12. Viewing and Editing Your Profile
    13. Getting Help While You Work
    14. Exiting SharePoint
  8. 2. Touring a SharePoint Site
    1. Introduction
    2. Exploring SharePoint Sites
    3. Opening a SharePoint Site
    4. Touring a Team Site
    5. Touring a Public Website
    6. Touring SkyDrive
    7. Touring Newsfeed
    8. Touring People Contacts
    9. Touring Calendar
    10. Touring Outlook Email
    11. Touring Admin Settings
  9. 3. Creating a SharePoint Site
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a SharePoint Site
    3. Viewing a Site Window
    4. Getting Around a Site
    5. Viewing Site Content
    6. Changing a Site Title and Logo
    7. Changing the Look of a Site
    8. Changing Language and Regional Settings
    9. Changing and Creating Navigation Links
    10. Using Navigation Aids
    11. Searching for Site Content
    12. Opening or Adding Site Pages
    13. Working with Site Pages
    14. Viewing a Site Hierarchy
    15. Managing Site Features
    16. Exploring Site Features
    17. Sharing a Site
    18. Saving a Site as a Template
    19. Deleting a SharePoint Site
    20. Using Site Closure and Deletion Settings
  10. 4. Working with Apps
    1. Introduction
    2. Exploring SharePoint Apps
    3. Viewing Your Apps
    4. Adding Apps
    5. Removing Apps
    6. Opening Apps
    7. Viewing and Finding App Content
    8. Adding App Content
    9. Working with App Content
    10. Changing App Settings
    11. Changing App Advanced Settings
  11. 5. Working with Lists and Libraries
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating Lists and Libraries
    3. Creating Custom Lists
    4. Importing a Spreadsheet in a List
    5. Creating External Lists
    6. Deleting and Restoring Lists and Libraries
    7. Adding and Editing List Items
    8. Deleting and Restoring List Items
    9. Viewing and Creating Site Columns
    10. Creating Columns
    11. Editing and Deleting Columns
    12. Sorting and Filtering Columns
    13. Adding Validation Rules
    14. Setting Versioning Options
    15. Organizing Items into Folders
    16. Creating, Modifying, and Selecting Views
    17. Sorting and Filtering Views
    18. Customizing Views
  12. 6. Working with Documents
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Document Library
    3. Viewing a Document Library
    4. Uploading Documents
    5. Creating New Documents
    6. Creating Document Sets
    7. Selecting Documents
    8. Finding Documents
    9. Moving Documents into Folders
    10. Moving Documents to Other Locations
    11. Deleting and Restoring Documents
    12. Viewing or Changing Document Properties
    13. Checking Documents In and Out
    14. Publishing and Approving Documents
    15. Editing Documents
    16. Managing Document Versions
    17. Sharing Documents
    18. Downloading Documents
  13. 7. Working with SkyDrive Documents
    1. Introduction
    2. Accessing SkyDrive Documents
    3. Syncing SkyDrive Documents
    4. Changing SkyDrive Sync Options
    5. Sharing SkyDrive Documents
    6. Managing SkyDrive Document Versions
    7. Following SkyDrive Documents
  14. 8. Working with Office Documents
    1. Introduction
    2. Using SharePoint with Office
    3. Connecting Office to SharePoint
    4. Managing Connections to Office
    5. Connecting Calendars or Email to Outlook
    6. Exporting List Data to Excel
    7. Exporting or Linking List Data to Access
    8. Connecting Tasks List Data to Project
    9. Saving and Opening Office Documents on SharePoint
    10. Comparing the Office Desktop App to the Web App
    11. Working with Office Web Apps
    12. Saving or Printing Documents in Office Web Apps
    13. Co-authoring Documents with Office Web Apps
    14. Blocking Co-authoring of Office Documents
  15. 9. Working with Media Assets
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating an Asset Library
    3. Viewing an Asset Library
    4. Uploading Media Files
    5. Adding Keywords to Media Files
    6. Changing Media Properties
    7. Capturing a Video Thumbnail
    8. Previewing a Video
    9. Inserting Video and Audio to a Page
    10. Inserting Pictures to a Page
    11. Inserting Links to a Page
    12. Inserting Embed Code to a Page
    13. Inserting Tables to a Page
  16. 10. Working with Web and App Parts
    1. Introduction
    2. Exploring Web and App Parts
    3. Viewing and Editing the Web Part Gallery
    4. Adding Web Parts to a Page
    5. Personalizing a Page with Web Parts
    6. Adding App Parts to a Page
    7. Connecting Web or App Parts
    8. Changing Web or App Part Properties
    9. Deleting Web or App Parts
    10. Minimizing Web or App Parts
    11. Uploading Web Parts
    12. Exporting Web Parts
  17. 11. Working with Project Tasks
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Project Site
    3. Creating a Tasks List
    4. Viewing a Tasks List
    5. Creating Tasks
    6. Adding Tasks to the Timeline
    7. Viewing Tasks
    8. Editing Tasks
    9. Managing Tasks
    10. Creating a Calendar
    11. Scheduling Calendar Events
    12. Tracking Issues
    13. Creating a Contacts List
    14. Automating Tasks with Workflows
    15. Creating Workflows
    16. Starting Workflows
    17. Changing Workflow Settings
    18. Checking Workflow Status
    19. Using SharePoint Designer or Visio
  18. 12. Collaborating and Sharing Information
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Blog Site
    3. Using the Personal Blog Site
    4. Customizing a Blog Site
    5. Creating Blog Posts
    6. Managing Blog Posts
    7. Posting Blog Comments
    8. Creating a Community Site
    9. Adding Users to a Community Site
    10. Creating and Assigning Badges
    11. Tracking Reputation Ratings
    12. Creating a Discussion Board
    13. Creating Discussions
    14. Participating in Discussions
    15. Creating and Making Announcements
    16. Creating a Survey
    17. Taking a Survey
  19. 13. Keeping Connected
    1. Introduction
    2. Opening My Personal Site
    3. Using My Personal Site
    4. Getting Social with Newsfeed
    5. Changing Newsfeed Settings
    6. Finding and Following People
    7. Mentioning People
    8. Adding and Tracking Tags
    9. Adding and Tracking Notes
    10. Creating and Managing Alerts
    11. Connecting to RSS Feeds
    12. Emailing Links
    13. Working on Mobile Devices
  20. 14. Working with Websites
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Publishing Site
    3. Making a Home Page
    4. Opening Pages
    5. Working with Master Pages
    6. Adding Pages
    7. Adding Page Content
    8. Changing Page Properties
    9. Previewing and Publishing Pages
    10. Creating a Public Site
    11. Changing the Public Site Domain
    12. Viewing the Public Site
    13. Changing the Public Site Design
    14. Changing Public Site Elements
    15. Editing Public Site Pages
    16. Publishing Public Site Pages
    17. Making the Public Site Online
  21. 15. Change Security and Search Settings
    1. Introduction
    2. Working with Permissions
    3. Viewing Permission Levels
    4. Viewing Site Permissions
    5. Adding Users to Groups
    6. Creating a Group
    7. Granting Permissions
    8. Stopping Permission Inheritance
    9. Editing Permissions
    10. Checking Permissions
    11. Removing Permissions
    12. Using a Search Center
    13. Creating a Search Center
    14. Searching from a Search Center
    15. Refining Searches
    16. Performing Advanced Searches
    17. Setting Search Preferences
    18. Creating Search Alerts
    19. Associating a Search Center to a Site
  22. 16. Creating Access Web Apps for SharePoint
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Web App
    3. Opening a Web App
    4. Adding Tables and Data to a Web App
    5. Viewing and Editing Data in a Web App
    6. Creating a View in a Web App
    7. Modifying a Web App
    8. Changing Properties in a Web App
    9. Creating Actions in a Web App
    10. Creating Database Objects in a Web App
    11. Using the Navigation Pane with Web Apps
    12. Launching a Web App in a Web Browser
    13. Packaging a Web App
    14. Uploading a Web App to SharePoint
  23. New! Features
    1. Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  24. Index