SharePoint 2016 For Dummies

Book description

Learn all the ins and outs of SharePoint, launch your site, collaborate with coworkers, and go mobile

There's no doubt about it, SharePoint is a complex creature. But when broken down into easily digestible chunks, it's not quite the beast it appears to be right out of the gate—that's where SharePoint X For Dummies comes in! Written in plain English and free of intimidating jargon, this friendly, accessible guide starts out by showing you just what SharePoint X is, translating the terminology, and explaining the tools. Then it helps you create a site, work with apps, and master basic SharePoint administration. Next, you'll learn to use SharePoint X to get social, go mobile, manage content, and connect with others through working with Office 365, archiving documents, developing workflows, and so much more.

SharePoint is truly one of Microsoft's crown jewels. Launched in 2001, it offers organizations a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information under the Microsoft Office system umbrella—all in a single portal. Whether you're new to SharePoint X or new to SharePoint altogether, SharePoint X For Dummies is the fast and painless way to get a site up and running, branded, and populated with content. Plus, this new edition adds the need-to-know information for administrators, techsumers, and page admins who want to leverage the cloud-based features online, either as a standalone product or in conjunction with an existing SharePoint infrastructure.

  • Get up to speed with SharePoint X and take advantage of new features
  • Set up and effectively manage your SharePoint site
  • Use SharePoint X in the Cloud with SharePoint Online
  • Leverage SharePoint X capabilities to drive business value

If you want to learn SharePoint from the ground up, get your site going, and start collaborating, SharePoint X For Dummies will be the dog-eared reference you'll turn to again and again.

Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Beyond the Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: Getting Started with SharePoint 2016
      1. Chapter 1: Getting to Know SharePoint 2016
        1. Wrapping Your Head around SharePoint
        2. Getting Familiar with SharePoint Building Blocks
        3. Taking a Peek at a SharePoint Site
        4. Getting Familiar with SharePoint Terminology
      2. Chapter 2: Introducing SharePoint Online
        1. Getting Familiar with SharePoint Online
        2. Understanding Why SharePoint Online Has Become So Popular
        3. Differences between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises
        4. Exploring the Benefits of SharePoint Online
      3. Chapter 3: Wrangling SharePoint Functionality
        1. Coming to Terms with Website Templates
        2. Show Me the Apps
        3. Working with Web Pages
        4. Understanding Web Parts
        5. Digging into SharePoint Features
        6. SharePoint Tools
        7. Integrating with Office 2016
    4. Part 2: Diving Headfirst into SharePoint 2016
      1. Chapter 4: Getting to Know the Team Site
        1. Creating a SharePoint Site
        2. Requesting a SharePoint Site
        3. Viewing Your Team Site in the Browser
        4. Accessing Team Sites in Office 365
        5. Introducing the SharePoint Team Site
      2. Chapter 5: Working with Web Pages
        1. Introducing the Ribbon
        2. Understanding SharePoint Web Pages
        3. Creating a New Wiki Content Page
        4. Creating a New Web Part Page
      3. Chapter 6: Working with Web Parts
        1. Adding a Web Part to Your Page
        2. Choosing the Right Web Part
        3. Changing Web Part Properties
        4. Connecting Web Parts
      4. Chapter 7: Getting Familiar with Apps
        1. Introducing SharePoint Apps
        2. Adding Apps to Your Site
        3. Accessing App Settings
        4. Configuring the General Settings
      5. Chapter 8: Creating a Custom App
        1. Planning Your Custom App
        2. Creating a Custom App
        3. Adding Columns to Your App
        4. Working with the Title Column
        5. Importing a Spreadsheet as an App
        6. Taking Your App to the Next Level: Calculated and Lookup Columns
        7. Downloading Apps from the SharePoint Store
      6. Chapter 9: Viewing Data in Your Apps
        1. Viewing the View
        2. Getting to Know Your View Formats
        3. Creating a Standard View
        4. Managing App Data in a Datasheet View
        5. Using Ad Hoc Views
        6. Creating a Calendar View
        7. Displaying Tasks in a Gantt View
        8. Managing Existing Views
        9. Displaying Views via Web Parts
    5. Part 3: Becoming a SharePoint Administrator
      1. Chapter 10: Getting Familiar with Site Settings
        1. Finding Site Settings
        2. Digging into Site Settings
      2. Chapter 11: Configuring Site Navigation
        1. Understanding How to Configure SharePoint Navigation
        2. Configuring SharePoint Navigation
        3. Configuring Static Navigation
        4. Navigation Using Web Parts
        5. Understanding Managed Navigation
      3. Chapter 12: Understanding SharePoint Features
        1. Getting a High-Level View of SharePoint Features
        2. Turning On and Off Features
        3. Exploring Common Features
        4. Extending SharePoint with Features
      4. Chapter 13: Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site
        1. The Look and Feel Section of Site Settings
        2. Changing Your Site Icon
        3. Changing the Look of Your Site
        4. Changing Team Site Navigation
      5. Chapter 14: Securing Your SharePoint Site
        1. Using SharePoint Groups
        2. Securing Apps, Folders, Documents, and Items
        3. Granting Administrative Access
        4. Viewing Site Permissions
        5. Managing SharePoint Designer Access
    6. Part 4: Getting Social and Going Mobile
      1. Chapter 15: Taking Control of Your Personal Profile and Content
        1. Organizing Your Personal Content with OneDrive
        2. Aggregating SharePoint Activity with Your Newsfeed
        3. Tracking Your Favorite Sites
        4. Expressing Yourself with Your Profile
      2. Chapter 16: Getting Social
        1. Sharing and Tracking Using the Ribbon
        2. Tagging for Yourself and Others
        3. Information Sharing with Blogs and Wikis
        4. Communicating with Discussion Boards
        5. Connecting with Others Using Feeds, Microblogs, and RSS
        6. Alert Me
        7. Staying in Sync with Skype for Business
      3. Chapter 17: Taking SharePoint Mobile
        1. Viewing SharePoint on a Mobile Device
        2. Creating Views for Small Screens
        3. Targeting Devices Using Channels
        4. Pushing Content to a Smartphone
        5. Keeping Track of Locations
        6. Viewing Office Documents on Your Phone or Tablet
    7. Part 5: Managing Enterprise Content
      1. Chapter 18: Sharing and Approving Content
        1. Sharing Your Documents
        2. Getting Your Documents into an App
        3. Working with Documents
        4. Recovering Deleted Documents
        5. Configuring Content Approval
      2. Chapter 19: Finding What You Need with Search
        1. Understanding How SharePoint Search Works
        2. Searching for Content
        3. Viewing and Refining Search Results
        4. Making Search Your Users’ Best Friend
        5. Removing Content from Search Results
        6. Reviewing Search Analytics
        7. Adding a Search Center Site
      3. Chapter 20: Archiving Documents and Records
        1. Defining the Terms
        2. Creating Information Management Policies
        3. Setting Up a Records Center
        4. Using the Content Organizer
        5. Managing Records in Place
        6. Placing Records on Litigation Hold
      4. Chapter 21: Gaining Total Control with Workflow
        1. Getting Up to Speed with SharePoint Workflow
        2. Understanding Workflow in SharePoint 2016
        3. Getting Up to Speed on SharePoint Designer
        4. Rediscovering the Out-of-the-Box Approval Workflow
    8. Part 6: Office 365 and SharePoint Online
      1. Chapter 22: Creating a Public Website
        1. Creating a Public-Facing Website
        2. Working with an Existing SharePoint Online Public-Facing Website
      2. Chapter 23: Creating a Client Portal in SharePoint Online
        1. Planning for Your Client Portal
        2. Locking Down the Portal
        3. Managing User Accounts
        4. Launching Your Portal
    9. Part 7: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 24: Ten Hot SharePoint 2016 Topics
        1. Getting Up to Speed with SharePoint
        2. What’s New in SharePoint 2016 Video
        3. Explore SharePoint 2016
        4. Plan for SharePoint
        5. Install and Configure SharePoint
        6. Operate and Maintain
        7. SharePoint Development
        8. SharePoint Workflow
        9. Taking SharePoint for a Spin
        10. Staying Current: The SharePoint Blog
      2. Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Maintain Control with Governance
        1. Failure Is Not an Option (Neither Is Looking Away and Whistling)
        2. Getting Executive Buy-In and Support
        3. Building an Effective Governance Group
        4. Finding the Right Level
        5. Yours, Mine, Ours: Deciding Who Owns What
        6. (Re)Visiting Social Networking Policies
        7. Design and Branding
        8. Content Management
        9. Reusing Web Parts
        10. Keeping Things Current: Web Operations Management
      3. Chapter 26: Ten Ways to Become a SharePoint Guru
        1. Getting Information from the Horse’s Mouth
        2. Reading SharePoint Blogs
        3. Finding Local User Groups
        4. Building a Virtual Lab
        5. Starting with a Good Foundation
        6. Borrowing from Others
        7. Getting Certified
        8. Taking a Peek under the Covers
        9. Digging Deeper under the Covers
        10. Deconstructing a SharePoint Site
    10. About the Author
    11. Connect with Dummies
    12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: SharePoint 2016 For Dummies
  • Author(s): Ken Withee, Rosemarie Withee
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119181705