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SharePoint Designer Tutorial

Book Description

Get started with SharePoint Designer and learn to put together a business website with SharePoint

  • Become comfortable in the SharePoint Designer environment

  • Learn about SharePoint Designer features as you create a SharePoint website

  • Step-by-step instructions and careful explanations

  • In Detail

    SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (SPD) is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and web design program, which has replaced FrontPage, and is the ideal environment for working with pages on a SharePoint site.

    This book is ideal for people new to SharePoint Designer who need to put together a working SharePoint site as quickly as possible. If you who want to get started, and finished, as quickly as possible, this book is for you. You won't just learn how to use SharePoint Designer; you'll see how to use it to put together a SharePoint site.

    This book will introduce you to the SharePoint Designer environment, and lead you through the key features as you complete important SharePoint customization activities. Throughout the book, you will be developing an example site for a wine business, and you will see what help SharePoint Designer offers, and step through clear instructions to get things done.

    The book begins by familiarizing you with the Designer environment and helping you to connect to your SharePoint site. You will then learn how to add and format content, and use SharePoint's workflow tools to collaborate with other content creators before learning how to connect to different SharePoint data sources.

    You will also learn to use ASP.NET Web Parts in your SharePoint site to create calendars, graphs, integrate with Exchange Server, and add powerful search tools to your site.

    Get started with SharePoint Designer and learn to put together a business website with SharePoint.

    Table of Contents

    1. SharePoint Designer Tutorial
      1. Table of Contents
      2. SharePoint Designer Tutorial
      3. Credits
      4. About the Author
      5. About the Reviewer
      6. Preface
        1. What This Book Covers
        2. What You Need for This Book
        3. Who This Book is For
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader Feedback
        6. Customer Support
          1. Downloading the Example Code for the Book
          2. Errata
          3. Piracy
          4. Questions
      7. 1. Introduction to SharePoint
        1. What is SharePoint?
        2. Why Choose SharePoint Designer?
        3. What is SharePoint Designer?
        4. Installing SharePoint Designer
        5. Connecting to an Existing SharePoint Site
        6. Further Information
        7. Summary
      8. 2. SharePoint Designer and its Environment
        1. Development Tool Options
        2. Tour of the Environment
          1. Task Panes
            1. Organizing Our Task Panes
          2. Code View
          3. The Button Bar
          4. The Status Bar
        3. Summary
      9. 3. Adding Content and Tables
        1. The Wine Company
        2. Creating a New Site
          1. Creating Our First Page
          2. Adding and Formatting Text
          3. Previewing Our Page
          4. Creating Hyperlinks
          5. Adding Images
          6. Creating Tables
            1. Table and Cell Properties
            2. Layout Tables
              1. Divs versus Tables
        3. Organizing Our Files
        4. Publishing Our Site
        5. Viewing Our Page
        6. Authorization
        7. Editing Existing Sites
        8. Summary
      10. 4. Formatting Pages
        1. The Wine Company Website
        2. Creating Our Site
          1. Creating a New Site
          2. Creating Our Homepage
          3. Publishing Our Site
        3. Formatting Our Homepage
        4. Using Layers
          1. Adding an Image to Our Layer
        5. Publishing Images
        6. Renaming Our Styles
        7. Cascading Style Sheets
          1. Editing Styles
        8. Master Pages
          1. Where Are Our Master Pages Stored?
          2. Creating a Master Page
          3. Editing Our Master Page
          4. Adding a Content Region
          5. Saving Our Master Page
          6. Attaching Our Master Page to an Existing Page
          7. Creating a New Page Using a Master Page
          8. Modifying the Master Page
          9. Attaching Our StyleSheet to Our Master Page
        9. Summary
      11. 5. Collaborating with Other Contributors
        1. Contributor Mode
        2. Server-Based Sites versus Disk-Based Sites
        3. Enabling Contributor Settings
          1. Contributor Groups
          2. Region Types
        4. Setting Up Contribution on Our Master Page
        5. The Contributor's Experience
        6. Workflows
          1. Workflow Designer
          2. Workflows and Lists
          3. Defining New Workflows
        7. Summary
      12. 6. Collecting Data
        1. Data Sources
        2. Creating Our XML Data Source
        3. Creating a Data View
        4. Adding and Deleting Records
        5. InfoPath
        6. Summary
      13. 7. Displaying Data
        1. Formatting the Data View
          1. Direct Formatting
          2. CSS Formatting
        2. Conditional Formatting
        3. Formatting Numbers
        4. Filtering Data
        5. Using Formulae
        6. Sorting Data
          1. Allowing Users to Sort the Data
        7. Paging
        8. Summary
      14. 8. Adding Web Parts
        1. What Are Web Parts?
        2. Web Part Zones
        3. Inserting a Web Part Zone
        4. Inserting a Web Part
        5. Adding Graphs
        6. Summary
      15. 9. Using ASP.NET Controls
        1. ASP.NET Controls
          1. Standard Controls
          2. Data Controls
          3. Validation Controls
          4. Navigation Controls
          5. Login Controls
        2. Adding a Simple Control
        3. The Menu Control
        4. The Calendar Control
          1. Editing the web.config File
        5. Validating Our Forms
        6. Creating a Login Feature
          1. Configuring SQL Server
          2. Adding Our First User
          3. Adding a New Virtual Server
          4. Adding a Host Header
          5. Adding an A Record
          6. Extending the Virtual Server
          7. Using Visual Studio's Web Site Administration Tool
          8. Changing the Authentication Provider
          9. Return to the web.config File
          10. Additional Configuration Tweaks
        7. Summary
      16. 10. Integrating with Exchange
        1. Introduction to Outlook Web Access Web Parts
        2. Viewing the Outlook Web Access Web Parts
          1. Enabling Outlook Web Access
          2. Enabling Forms-Based Authentication
        3. Integrating the My Tasks Web Part
        4. Troubleshooting the Error Messages
        5. Summary
      17. 11. Search Tools
        1. Federated Searching
        2. Search Web Parts
          1. Using the Search Web Parts
        3. Hard-Coding Results
        4. Other SharePoint Search Solutions
          1. Search Center
          2. Search Server 2008
        5. Search Term Vocabulary
        6. Summary
      18. Index