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SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 24 Hour Trainer

Book Description

Get quickly up to speed on SharePoint Server 2010!

Covering all aspects of the SharePoint technology, this unique book-and-DVD combination provides expert guidance within each lesson in the book, which is then supplemented on the instructional DVD. The authors expose you to a variety of SharePoint Server 2010 topics, from organization concerns to training plans to programmer best practices, all aimed at helping you effortlessly find your way around SharePoint without a deep knowledge of the technology. You'll quickly learn to configure and administer a site or site collection using this book-and-DVD package.

  • Features informative SharePoint Server 2010 lessons in a book, each of which is reviewed on the accompanying DVD

  • Puts you on your way to managing lists, sites, and page galleries and setting up Portal site connections and Site analytics

  • Demonstrates how to provide offline availability, work with features and content types, and use galleries

  • SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 24-Hour Trainer contains a helpful DVD that reinforces the content of the book and also adds additional explanation and tips as well as showing exactly how the lesson goals can be achieved.

    Note: The ebook version does not provide access to the companion files.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
    3. Section I: Administration at the Site Level
      1. Lesson 1: Using the Site Administration Menu
        1. Accessing the Site Administration Menu
        2. Site Libraries and List Links
        3. Try It
      2. Lesson 2: Using the Site Actions Menu
        1. Manage Site Features
        2. Try It
      3. Lesson 3: Changing a Site's Look and Feel
        1. Title, Description, and Icon
        2. Displaying Navigation Options
        3. Try It
      4. Lesson 4: Using Custom Themes
        1. Accessing the Site Themes Page
        2. Creating a Theme
        3. Try It
      5. Lesson 5: Managing Reporting Services
        1. Manage the Shared Schedule
        2. Reporting Services Site Settings
        3. Try It
    4. Section II: Administration at the Site Collection Level
      1. Lesson 6: Site Collection Administration Settings
        1. Defining Site Collections
        2. Site Collection Administrative Options
        3. Try It
      2. Lesson 7: Managing the Solutions Gallery
        1. Solution Framework
        2. Understanding Resource Quotas
        3. Deploying a Custom Solution
        4. Try It
    5. Section III: Managing Search
      1. Lesson 8: Setting Search Options at the Site Collection Level
        1. Search Results
        2. Try It
      2. Lesson 9: Search Scopes for Site Collection Administrators
        1. Creating a New Scope
        2. Managing Where the Scope Appears
        3. Setting Rules for the Scope
        4. Try It
      3. Lesson 10: Managing Search Keywords for Site Collection Administrators
        1. Try It
      4. Lesson 11: Managing Search Availability at the List and Site Level for Site Administrators
        1. Try It
    6. Section IV: Setting Up Content Management Options
      1. Lesson 12: Setting Up Content Types
        1. Using Content Types to Manage Content
        2. Creating a Content Type Hierarchy
        3. Try It
      2. Lesson 13: Publishing Content Types to Use Across Site Collections
        1. Creating a Content Type Publishing Hub
        2. Try It
      3. Lesson 14: Setting Up the Content Organizer
        1. The Content Organizer's Functionality
        2. Setting Up the Content Organizer
        3. Integrating E-Mail into the Content Organizer
        4. Try It
      4. Lesson 15: Using Document Sets
        1. Create a Document Set Content Type
        2. Try It
      5. Lesson 16: Using Hold and Discovery
        1. Discovery: Find It
        2. Hold: Save It
        3. Try It
      6. Lesson 17: Setting Up Records Management
        1. Records in SharePoint 2010
        2. Declaring an Item a Record
        3. Try It
      7. Lesson 18: Setting Up Related Lists
        1. Try It
    7. Section V: Managing Publishing Sites
      1. Lesson 19: Setting Up a Publishing Site
        1. Publishing Sites
        2. Try It
      2. Lesson 20: Setting Navigation Options in Publishing Sites
        1. Navigational Options
        2. Global Navigation Options
        3. Try It
      3. Lesson 21: Setting Branding Options in Publishing Sites
        1. Master Pages
        2. Setting Style Sheets
        3. Try It
      4. Lesson 22: Using Content Approval in Publishing Sites
        1. Try It
      5. Lesson 23: Using Variations in Publishing Sites
        1. Variations
        2. Try It
    8. Section VI: Configuring Users and Permissions
      1. Lesson 24: SharePoint Security Groups
        1. Inheritance
        2. Try It
      2. Lesson 25: Permission Levels
        1. Setting New Permission Levels
        2. Try It
    9. Section VII: Configuring Service Applications
      1. Lesson 26: Configuring Access Services
        1. Access Services
        2. Try It
      2. Lesson 27: Configuring Excel Services
        1. Configuring a Trusted Location
        2. Using Your Workbook
        3. Try It
      3. Lesson 28: Configuring Visio Services
        1. The Visio Graphics Service
        2. SharePoint Designer and Visio 2010
        3. Try It
      4. Lesson 29: Configuring PowerPoint Services
        1. PowerPoint Service Application
        2. Try It
      5. Lesson 30: Creating Metadata Services
        1. Activating the Service
        2. Groups, Sets, and Terms
        3. Try It
      6. Lesson 31: Using Metadata
        1. Try It
      7. Lesson 32: Configuring PerformancePoint Services
        1. Activating Business Intelligence Features
        2. Try It
      8. Lesson 33: Creating a PerformancePoint Site
        1. BI Sites and Features
        2. Try It
      9. Lesson 34: Creating a Business Connectivity Service
        1. External Content Types
        2. Try It
      10. Lesson 35: Creating an External List
        1. Try It
    10. Section VIII: Site Templates
      1. Lesson 36: Using the Form Template Library
        1. Overview of Forms Services
        2. Publishing Templates
        3. Try It
      2. Lesson 37: Using the Records Center Site Template
        1. Features of the Records Center Site
        2. Try It
      3. Lesson 38: Creating a Meeting Workspace
        1. Creating a Meeting Workspace
        2. Try It
      4. Lesson 39: Personalization Sites
        1. Linking to My Site
        2. Personalization Web Parts
        3. Try It
      5. Lesson 40: Creating an Enterprise Wiki Site
        1. Wiki Features
        2. Try It
    11. Appendix: What's on the DVD?
      1. System Requirements
      2. Using the DVD
      3. What's on the DVD
      4. Troubleshooting
      5. Customer Care