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SharePoint® Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management

Book Description

SharePoint experts focus on SharePoint 2010 as a platform for Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint allows all users in an organization to manage and share their content reliably and securely. If you're interested in building Web sites using the new capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM) in SharePoint 2010, then this book is for you. You'll discover how SharePoint 2010 spans rich document management, records management, business process management and web content management in a seamless way to manage and share content.

The team of SharePoint experts discusses the ECM capabilities included in SharePoint Server 2010 that will assist with your workflow and content management. They cover Web content management (WCM) features and discuss accessibility and extensibility as well as scale and compliance.

  • Shows how to use the capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM) to build Web sites

  • Covers SharePoint 2010 ECM features and WCM (Web Content Management) features

  • Reviews workflow and content management, mater pages and layouts, scale and compliance, and accessibility and extensibility

  • Features real-world examples and code samples to help with your learning process

Packed with code examples and real-world scenarios, this comprehensive book provides you with the information you need to get started using ECM with SharePoint 2010 today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
  3. Part I: Introduction to Enterprise Content Management
    1. Chapter 1: What Is Enterprise Content Management?
      1. Introduction to ECM
      2. A Historical Perspective
      3. ECM Components
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: The SharePoint 2010 Platform
      1. A Brief History of SharePoint
      2. SharePoint 2010
      3. ECM in SharePoint 2010
      4. Summary
  4. Part II: Pillars of SharePoint ECM
    1. Chapter 3: Document Management
      1. What Is Document Management?
      2. Microsoft SharePoint As a Document Management System
      3. Document Taxonomy
      4. Document Control
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 4: Workflow
      1. Workflow and ECM
      2. Windows Workflow Foundation
      3. The Role of Workflow in SharePoint
      4. Authoring and Workflow Types
      5. InfoPath
      6. Pluggable Workflow Services
      7. Workflow Event Receivers
      8. Summary
    3. Chapter 5: Collaboration
      1. ECM and Collaboration
      2. Social Tagging
      3. My Sites
      4. User Profiles
      5. User Profile Service Application
      6. Enterprise Wikis
      7. Blogs
      8. Microsoft Office Integration
      9. Summary
    4. Chapter 6: Search
      1. Introduction
      2. Search Solutions
      3. Search Architectures for SharePoint ECM
      4. Summary
    5. Chapter 7: Web Content Management
      1. WCM Overview
      2. The SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructuress
      3. The Anatomy of a Page
      4. An Exercise with Taxonomy and Layouts
      5. Metadata
      6. Content Query Web Part
      7. The Content Authoring Process
      8. Enterprise Wikis
      9. Other Major Considerations
      10. Summary
    6. Chapter 8: Records Management
      1. What Is Records Management?
      2. Microsoft SharePoint as a Records Management System
      3. Managing Records
      4. Retention
      5. Auditing
      6. eDiscovery
      7. Summary
    7. Chapter 9: Digital Asset Management
      1. SharePoint Server 2010 Digital Asset Management Components
      2. Digital Asset Management Solution Scenarios
      3. Taxonomy Considerations
      4. Storage Considerations
      5. Performance Optimization
      6. Summary
    8. Chapter 10: Document Imaging
      1. What Is Document Imaging?
      2. Setting Up the Scenario
      3. Model-View-ViewModel Primer
      4. Creating a Simple WPF Capture Application
      5. Creating a Simple Silverlight Viewer Web Part
      6. Setting Up the SharePoint Infrastructure
      7. The Solution from End to End
      8. Summary
    9. Chapter 11: Electronic Forms with InfoPath
      1. Electronic Forms Overview
      2. InfoPath Overview
      3. Determining a Forms Strategy
      4. Creating a Custom Form: An Exercise
      5. Summary
    10. Chapter 12: Scalable ECM Architecture
      1. Storage Architecture, the Key to Performance
      2. SharePoint 2010 Scalable Topology Design
      3. Scalable Taxonomy Factors
      4. Performance and Resource Throttling
      5. Summary
  5. Part III: SharePoint ECM Support Concepts
    1. Chapter 13: ECM File Formats
      1. It's Alive — Your Document, That Is
      2. Archive Formats
      3. Summary
    2. Chapter 14: The SharePoint ECM Ecosystem
      1. The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem
      2. The SharePoint Ecosystem
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 15: Guidance for Successful ECM Projects
      1. Migrating to SharePoint 2010
      2. Upgrading a SharePoint ECM Farm to SharePoint 2010
      3. Summary