This book is intended as a follow-up and updated “second edition” of the book I originally ghost-wrote in 2004, How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short by William J. O'Neil with Gil Morales (John Wiley & Sons, October 2004). While that book has been a strong seller and does a reasonable job of outlining the basic concepts behind the art of short-selling, it is woefully inadequate in terms of its coverage of the basic mechanics of short-selling at the granular level. In that book, we relied entirely on weekly charts, and while weekly charts most certainly have their purpose in helping to identify the macro-patterns that develop in short-sale candidate stocks, it is on the daily chart that we determine the precise point within a stock's pattern at which to sell it short. Thus, the fact that the 2004 short-selling book did not contain any daily charts meant that it essentially ignored the most important aspects of short-selling. What is radically different about this book is that it relies mostly on daily charts and gives readers a much more detailed and realistic view of just how the short-selling process can play out. This is the essential difference between this book and the last, and one which I believe makes a huge difference in terms of conveying a true sense and understanding of how short-selling works at the point of impact (e.g., the precise point or points at which the short-sale trade can be executed). This can only be seen on the daily chart.

In this book, we update ...

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