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Show Case, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Your theatrical portfolio will earn a standing ovation with guidance from this industry expert!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
  8. Introduction to the Second Edition
  9. PART I. What is a Design-Tech Portfolio?
    1. 1. What is a Design-Tech Portfolio?
      1. The Winning Design Portfolio
      2. The Winning Technical Portfolio
    2. 2. Traditional Portfolio Development Techniques
      1. Planning and Creation
        1. Models, Styles, Dimensions, and Handling
      2. Specifications
        1. Binders
        2. Presentation Cases and Folios
      3. New Trends
      4. Inside the Case: Supplies and Materials
        1. Multiring Refill Pages
        2. Three-Ring Binder Sheet Protectors
      5. Specialty Layout Materials and Supplies
        1. Where to Find Specialty Materials and Supplies
      6. Basic Strategy to Get the Right Materials
    3. 3. The Effective Showcase
      1. General Considerations
      2. Organizing the Body of Work: Beginning, Middle, and End
        1. The Beginning
        2. The Middle
        3. The End
      3. Presenting Visual Content: Page Layout Options
        1. Opening Page
        2. Horizontal Layout
        3. Vertical Layout
      4. Inserts: Adding Conversation Pieces
      5. Featuring Best Artwork, News/Media Reviews, and Photographs
        1. Back Pocket: Research and Organizational Paperwork
      6. The Designer and Technician’s Archives
      7. Marketing and Networking: Identifying Portfolio Requirements by Venue
        1. College Applications
        2. Organizations That Offer Portfolio Reviews
    4. 4. Types of Portfolios
      1. NewmanMark A.
      2. The Basics
      3. By the Book, CD, or Website: The 21st Century Multimedia Portfolio
      4. Portfolio Photos
    5. 5. Portfolio Development Techniques Do’s and Don’ts
      1. Portfolio Development Do’s
      2. Portfolio Development Don’ts
  10. PART II. What is an Electronic Portfolio?
    1. 6. The Effective Digital Portfolio
      1. RobbinsCarrie
      2. What Is a Digital Portfolio; What Is It For?
    2. 7. Digital Portfolio Developing Techniques
      1. Graphic Design Principles and Branding
      2. Software Applications and CD Showcases
        1. PowerPoint and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
        2. Photo Editing Software
        3. Multimedia Sharing and Social Media
      3. About Interactive Portfolios
      4. Final Words: Things to Know When Designing Websites
        1. What Is a Domain Name?
        2. What Are Domain Name Registrars?
        3. How Do I Know I Am Buying from a Real Registrar?
        4. What Are Some Recommended Resources for People Starting Out?
    3. 8. Digital Portfolio Do’s and Don’ts
      1. Show Case
      2. Show Case
  11. PART III. Presenting and Marketing the Portfolio
    1. 9. Portfolio Presentation Techniques
      1. First Impressions
      2. The Professional and Appropriate Appearance for Portfolio Presentation
      3. Foundations of Presenting
        1. Being Present, Presenting, and Leaving a Present
      4. Post-Interview Maintenance
      5. Self-Evaluation
      6. Networking: What’s Next?
    2. 10. Portfolio Presentation Techniques Do’s and Don’ts
      1. Do’s
      2. Don’ts
    3. 11. Design-Tech Résumés, CVS, Business Cards, and Stationery
      1. A Winning Résumé: Introductory Words of Wisdom
      2. The Design-Tech Résumé: Specific Expectations
        1. Résumé Formatting
        2. A Blueprint for an Effective Résumé Presentation
      3. The Bio and the Curriculum Vitae
      4. Other Marketing Tools: Business Cards and Brochures
        1. Tips on Successful Use of Business Cards and Brochures as a Marketing Tool (or as a “Present”)
    4. 12. Design-Tech Résumés, CVs, Business Cards, and Stationery Do’s and Don’ts
      1. LoreNicholas
      2. Design-Tech Résumés, CVs, Business Cards, and Stationery Do’s
      3. Design-Tech Résumés, CVs, Business Cards, and Stationery Don’ts
  12. PART IV. Portfolio Maintenance and Next Steps
    1. 13. Establishing Goals and Reviewing, Choosing, and Updating Work
      1. PhelpsAnthony R.
      2. Rafael Jaen Teaching Points 1: The Carrying Case
      3. Rafael Jaen’s Teaching Points 2: Featured Works
      4. Rafael Jaen’s Teaching Points 3: Portfolio Size
      5. Rafael Jaen’s Teaching Points 4: Communicating Process
      6. Rafael Jaen’s Teaching Points 5: Organization
    2. 14. Self-Assessment
      1. The Basics of a Self-Evaluation
      2. The Comprehensive Self-Evaluation
    3. 15. Planning for the Next Job
      1. Why Planning? What Planning?
      2. Putting It Together
      3. The Big Picture: The Design-Tech Career Concept
        1. Your Concept: Identifying Practical Considerations
      4. The Small Steps: Your Blueprint for Short-Term Goals
    4. 16. Words of Wisdom: Do’s and Don’ts Highlight Summary
      1. Portfolio Development Do’s: Good Practices
      2. Portfolio Development Don’ts
      3. Digital Portfolio Do’s and Don’ts
      4. Theatre, TV, and Film Portfolio Presentation Techniques Do’s and Don’ts
      5. Résumé, CVs, and Business Cards Do’s and Don’ts
  13. PART V. Contributors First Edition
    1. 17. Contributor Bios, First Edition (2006)
    2. 17A. Contributor Bios, Second Edition (2012)
  14. Index