The Physical Basis for Active Control

1.1 Introduction


1.1.1 Chapter outline

1.1.2 The wave equation

1.1.3 Source control

1.2 Control of wave transmission


1.2.1 Single secondary actuator

1.2.2 Two secondary actuators

1.2.3 Control of multiple modes

1.3 Control of power in infinite systems


1.3.1 Point forces on an infinite panel

1.3.2 Minimisation of power input

1.3.3 Acoustic monopoles in free space

1.4 Strategies of control in finite systems


1.4.1 Acoustic impedances in a finite duct

1.4.2 Cancellation of pressure

1.4.3 Absorption of incident wave

1.4.4 Maximisation of secondary power absorption

1.4.5 Minimisation of total power input

1.5 Control of energy in finite systems


1.5.1 Power input and total energy ...

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