Multichannel Control of Tonal Disturbances

4.1 Introduction


4.1.1 Chapter outline

4.2 Optimal control of tonal disturbances


4.2.1 Overdetermined systems

4.2.2 Shape of the error surface

4.2.3 Fully-determined systems

4.2.4 Underdetermined systems

4.2.5 The pseudo inverse

4.2.6 Minimisation of a general cost function

4.3 Steepest-descent algorithms


4.3.1 Complex gradient vector

4.3.2 Transformation into the principal coordinates

4.3.3 Convergence in the principal coordinates

4.3.4 The well-balanced system

4.3.5 Convergence of the control effort

4.3.6 Trade-off between error attenuation and control effort

4.3.7 Scheduling of effort weighting parameter

4.4 Robustness to plant uncertainties and plant model errors


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