Adaptive Feedback Controllers

7.1 Introduction


7.1.1 Chapter outline

7.1.2 Feedback loop and adaptation loop

7.1.3 Adaptation to non-stationary disturbances

7.1.4 Adaptation to changes in plant response

7.1.5 Closed-loop identification of plant response

7.2 Time-domain adaptation


7.2.1 Effect of plant modelling error on an adaptive control filter

7.2.2 The error surface with an imperfect plant model

7.2.3 Modified error arrangement

7.3 Frequency-domain adaptation


7.3.1 Direct adaptation of the control filter

7.3.2 Indirect adaptation of the control filter

7.3.3 Constraints on the control filter

7.3.4 Controller irnplernentation

7.4 Combined feedback and feedforward control


7.4.1 Feedforward interpretation of servo ...

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