Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Silicon and Silicon Carbide Oxidation

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Overview of the various oxidation techniques

1.3. Some physical properties of silica

1.4. Equations of atomic transport during oxidation

1.5. Is it possible to identify the transport mechanisms taking place during oxidation?

1.6. Transport equations in the case of thermal oxidation

1.7. Deal and Grove theory of thermal oxidation

1.8. Theory of thermal oxidation under water vapor of silicon

1.9. Kinetics of growth in O2 for oxide films < 30 nm

1.10. Fluctuations of the oxidation constants under experimental conditions

1.11. Conclusion

1.12. Bibliography

Chapter 2. Ion Implantation

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Ion implanters

2.3. Ion range

2.4. Creation and healing of the defects

2.5. Applications in traditional technologies and new tendencies

2.6. Conclusion

2.7. Bibliography

Chapter 3. Dopant Diffusion: Modeling and Technological Challenges

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Diffusion in solids

3.3. Dopant diffusion in single-crystal silicon

3.4. Examples of associated engineering problems

3.5. Dopant diffusion in germanium

3.6. Conclusion

3.7. Bibliography

Chapter 4. Epitaxy of Strained Si/Si1-x Gex Heterostructures

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Engineering of the pMOSFET transistor channel using pseudomorphic SiGe layers

4.3. Engineering of the nMOSFET transistor channel using pseudomorphic Si1-yCy layers; SiGeC diffusion barriers

4.4. Epitaxy of Si raised sources and drains on ultra-thin SOI substrates ...

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