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Silicon Valley: Getting Savvy In Washington

Book Description

As the digital world continues to rapidly grow, Silicon Valley has increasingly become involved with Congress, especially as some of the top issues for lawmakers – taxes, immigration, regulatory policy, net neutrality and cyberspying -- are high on the valley’s list, too. While Silicon Valley embraces Washington’s traditional influence game by pumping up spending on lobbying over the years to $45 million in 2013, Congress has realized the value of their high-tech court and has increasingly courted the industry. Let CQ Roll Call, a premier source of timely news, objective reporting and analysis since 1945, give you a closer look at the issue and what both sides have at stake. 

About the author: Rob Margetta joined CQ Roll Call in 2007 and has covered an evolving landscape of homeland security and intelligence issues facing Congress and the country. Prior to coming to Washington, he was a crime reporter in Massachusetts and a local reporter for the Providence Journal. He has a BA from The College of William and Mary and an MSL from Georgetown Law.