Chapter 15. Ten Ways to Get More Out of Silverlight

In This Chapter

  • Using SketchFlow to prototype your application

  • Using Deep Zoom Composer

  • Creating designs using Expression Design

  • Importing designs into Expression Blend

  • Creating your own behaviors

  • Printing in Silverlight

  • Calling Silverlight code via JavaScript

  • Accessing HTML from Silverlight

  • Storing data locally in the client

  • Running Silverlight out of the browser

In this chapter, you will look at a bunch of different ways to get more out of Silverlight. The chapter includes a wide range of topics, including using SketchFlow to create a prototype that you can showcase to a business client before you create the actual application; using tools such as Deep Zoom Composer and Expression Design; interacting between the browser and the Silverlight application; and much more.

Using SketchFlow to Prototype Your Application

SketchFlow is an application that comes with Expression Blend and helps you to quickly prototype applications. To use it, you choose File

Using SketchFlow to Prototype Your Application

You can add new pages in SketchFlow Map and specify the flow among the various pages visually, as shown in Figure 15-1.

Adding new pages in SketchFlow Map.

Figure 15.1. Adding new pages in SketchFlow Map.

You can then add controls to each page from the Tools panel, and a wireframe of the user interface gets created as shown in Figure 15-2 ...

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