Welcome to Silverlight 4 For Dummies. This book not only gives you an introduction to the bright new world of programming in Silverlight but is also loaded with hands-on steps and examples of using Expression Blend and Visual Studio with Silverlight to create rich Internet applications.

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in that runs rich interactive applications whose emphasis is on providing a rich user experience that incorporates audio, video, animation, and graphics.

What's in This Book

Silverlight 4 For Dummies aims to give you all the information you need to create full-fledged Silverlight applications that you can host on your Web site. In this book, rather than overload you with pages and pages of technical explanations, we get you started right away on creating a Silverlight application and working with the controls that make Silverlight such an exciting addition to the world of Web site design. Of course, we do put the tasks we show you in context so that you can understand how the various components work — but we've tried to keep the explanations interesting, too.

Although the book introduces the basic components of Silverlight, chapter by chapter, you don't have to read the chapters sequentially. If you already have a basic understanding of Silverlight, for example, and want to know more about creating animations for your Web site, just flip straight to Chapter 8 and dive in.

The examples in this book use XAML markup and C# code. If you're thinking, ...

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