Chapter 1. FitnessTrackerPlus

An Overview of the FitnessTrackerPlus Application

In the fall of 2008, Microsoft released an update to its new media-centric browser plug-in Silverlight. This update probably wasn't very exciting to end users who may have had Silverlight installed to watch the 2008 summer Olympics, but to developers who make use of Microsoft web technologies, a monumental change had occurred. Silverlight 2.0 finally included the long-awaited support for C#/VB.NET programming directly in the Silverlight world. No longer were developers forced to utilize the plug-in with a JavaScript-based API only. With the addition of C#/VB.NET support, it seemed like Silverlight may have finally made the necessary jump required in order to support line-of-business-style applications. Although a dramatic improvement from its predecessor, Silverlight 2 still left a lot to be desired in terms of line-of-business controls. Luckily, Microsoft has heard developers loud and clear and made several important enhancements in version 3 that specifically addressed line-of-business needs. Although the Silverlight 3 release meant developers had a powerful toolkit at their disposal for creating rich internet applications, some features were still omitted that were absolutely crucial in transitioning line-of-business applications from the desktop to the web. However, with the latest release of Silverlight version 4, these features have finally made it into the runtime, including a new Printing API, ...

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