Chapter 11. This Site Doesn't Run Itself


No doubt, some users will find the features included with FitnessTrackerPlus useful and engaging. At this point in the project, you've put an awful lot of hard work into developing the site and so far you have been paid nothing. Of course, as the site grows in popularity it would be nice if you had some money left over to purchase that new LED TV you have been eyeballing at the local Best Buy store. This chapter takes a look at some possible ways you can potentially generate revenue — from both advertisements and monthly user subscriptions — to help offset the hosting costs of the site.


You have just spent a considerable amount of time working on FitnessTrackerPlus and getting it ready for its official public release. As much as you love coding, you can't help but realize that after you release the site you'll still have costs and future time investments to keep the site running. You may not love coding enough to keep doing it for free. As the owner and lead developer of the site, you don't really have anyone that you can just invoice for the cost of your development time. Also, as the site grows in popularity, the costs of running and enhancing the site are only going to increase. In fact, to continue enhancing the site with compelling features, you may even find it necessary to bring on additional help. Rest assured, it's tough to find another developer who can jump at the opportunity to work ...

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