Chapter 1. Three Years of Silverlight


• Discuss what happened since Silverlight 2 Unleashed came out.

• Talk about cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility for Silverlight 4.

• Consider alternatives to Silverlight, both in the browser and out-of-the-browser.

• Look at the earlier versions of Silverlight 1.0, 2 and 3 and take a look into the future of this technology.

• Install Silverlight 4 as a user and explore a few demos.

In three short years, Silverlight has come a very long way. In this chapter, we review what Silverlight is, where it comes from, and try to peek into the future of this technology, illustrated by the “shiny logo” shown in Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1 Silverlight logo.

Discovering Silverlight ...

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