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Simple Post Processing: A Photographer’s Guide to Workflow Options for all of Your Images in Lightroom

Book Description

A wedding photographer’s workflow is vastly different from a commercial advertising shooter, or an amateur weekend warrior. In Simple Post Processing, photographers Joe Lavine and Brad Bartholomew will help you streamline your pre-production, shooting, and post-production workflow process using Adobe Lightroom.
The authors present simple guidelines that can be customized to meet your individual needs and shooting style. For beginning to intermediate photographers, you will learn about:
•    Creating a consistent post-production workflow and tips to save time in post, both before and during your shoot.
•    Editing and organizing your images using flags, colors, and other key Lightroom tools.
•    Developing your images efficiently, including setting white balance, making tonal corrections, and sharpening.
•    Retouching your images, including cloning, healing, lens correction, and using the Gradient and Adjustment Brush tools.
•    Exporting your images to Photoshop to take advantage of layers, layer masks, filters and other specialized adjustments.
None of us became photographers to sit in front of a computer organizing, editing and retouching our photos. This guide will help you get’s get out from in front of the computer and shoot more photos!