Answers to Quizzes and Final Exam

Chapter 1: Deployment Strategy

1. D. Cost of quality (see Figure 1.3) and DPMO (see Figure 1.2) decrease as sigma level increases.

2. D. Successful Six Sigma deployments are found in many industries, irrespective of company size.

3. B. See Figure 1.3.

4. C.

5. D. Although a DPMO of 20,000 equates to (approximately) a 3.5σ level (Appendix 3), the best answer is choice D (all the above) because the reported cost of quality would indicate a much better sigma level (see Figure 1.3). When the cost of quality is underreported, then a “hidden factory” is at work masking those activities.

6. D.

7. A. Although there may be some resulting improvement in quality owing solely to increased awareness (choice c), the main objective ...

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