Six Sigma for Business Excellence: Approach, Tools and Applications

Book description

Six Sigma for Business Excellence: Approach, Tools, and Applications, based on the author's first-hand experience in quality engineering, provides a comprehensive coverage of the Six Sigma methodology. This book provides the complete study material for students taking the certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt examinations conducted internationally by the American Society for Quality (ASQ). At the same time, it adequately fills the need of management professionals with numerous application examples and case studies providing an insight into the practical aspect of implementing Six Sigma tools. The book begins with providing an overview of the evolution of Six Sigma, explains the basic concepts and then takes the readers step by step through the process. The focus is more on enabling the implementation of the Six Sigma tools by providing illustrations, tables, application examples, and templates as well as Minitab and Excel data files for project work and exercises in the soft form on a CD accompanying the book. The templates carried in the book include the Sigma calculator, Six Sigma project review checklist, process mapping, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, project charter, and measurement systems analysis (Gauge R&R Study). The CD also contains a 30-day trial version of the Minitab and SigmaXL software programs.

Product information

  • Title: Six Sigma for Business Excellence: Approach, Tools and Applications
  • Author(s): Hemant Urdhwareshe
  • Release date: May 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson India
  • ISBN: None