Six Sigma—The First 90 Days

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Start Six Sigma Fast—And Achieve Powerful Business Benefits Within Months

This book offers leaders a proven turnkey approach to launching a Six Sigma initiative in 90 days and using it to transform your company within a year.

Drawing on their experience with fifty Six Sigma programs at companies ranging from AlliedSignal to Motorola, Stephen A. Zinkgraf and his contributors show how to rapidly align people, strategy, processes, and customers in support of your initiative—and gain powerful momentum for success. You’ll walk through preparing for an enterprise-wide launch, executing it flawlessly, and establishing a foundation for achieving sustainable results over the long term.

Zinkgraf’s techniques, roadmaps, and milestones can help you quickly launch any complex change initiative—even those unrelated to Six Sigma. Taken together, they offer a complete framework for driving and managing change: the #1 core competency for twenty-first century executives. Coverage includes

  • Leading Six Sigma: roadmaps, milestones, and techniques for delivering fast, sustainable gains

  • Effectively preparing, flawlessly executing, and extending your impact for years to come

  • Identifying opportunities, building teams, choosing partners, defining metrics, managing risk, and much more

  • Discovering best practices from over fifty successful launches: techniques that work with any large-scale change initiative

  • Discover how to get dramatic business results from Six Sigma faster than you ever thought possible, and use Six Sigma to drive transformative change for years to come.

    Writing for executives and initiative leaders, Stephen A. Zinkgraf presents a high-speed methodology for linking Six Sigma to business strategy, planning and executing a flawless launch, aligning the entire enterprise behind performance improvement, and achieving powerful results in both the short and long term.

    Zinkgraf helped lead Larry Bossidy’s pioneering Six Sigma program at AlliedSignal—he and his team have participated in more than fifty Six Sigma launches. In this book, he reveals best practices for leading every step of the process. You’ll learn how to identify, prioritize, and charter breakthrough projects...choose the right partners... define and train teams...mitigate risks...implement effective metrics...and “evangelize” the organization. Then, after you’ve launched, Zinkgraf shows how to improve your program—and use HR, IT, and other business levers to extend your impact.

    Simply put, if you’re leading Six Sigma, this book’s Six Sigma roadmaps, milestones, and techniques represent the fastest route to the most business value.

  • Master the lessons of the world’s best Six Sigma deployments

  • Learn from the experiences of AlliedSignal, Motorola, 3M, and fifty other Six Sigma leaders

  • Link Six Sigma directly to your balance sheet

  • Set aggressive, measurable business goals—and achieve them

  • Plan and execute a flawless launch—within 90 days!

  • Define priorities, organize teams, choose partners, structure enterprise-wide deployments, and more

  • Sustain Six Sigma for the long term

  • Using a clearly defined leadership roadmap, align organization structure, compensation, succession planning, IT resources, and more

  • Avoid the classic Six Sigma “failure modes”

  • Why Six Sigma projects fail, and how to keep it from happening to you

    Preface  xiii

    Acknowledgments  xvii

    About the Author  xix

    Contributors List  xxi


    Chapter 1: Six Sigma—The Initiative, the Deployment, the Technology  3

    Chapter 2: The True Nature of Six Sigma: The Business Model  17

    Chapter 3: Six Sigma Launch Philosophy  37

    Chapter 4: Getting Early Support: Selecting a Six Sigma Provider  55

    Chapter 5: Strategy: The Alignment of External Realities, Setting Measurable Goals, and Internal Actions  69

    Chapter 6: Defining the Six Sigma Program Expectations and Metrics  87


    Chapter 7: Defining the Six Sigma Project Scope  105

    Chapter 8: Defining the Six Sigma Infrastructure  117

    Chapter 9: Committing to Project Selection, Prioritization, and Chartering  149

    Chapter 10: Creating Six Sigma Executive and Leadership Workshops  185

    Chapter 11: Selecting and Training the Right People  209

    Chapter 12: Communicating the Six Sigma Program Expectations and Metrics  235


    Chapter 13: Creating the Human Resources Alignment  255

    Chapter 14: Defining the Software Infrastructure: Tracking the Program and Projects  285

    Chapter 15: Leading Six Sigma for the Long Term  303

    Chapter 16: Reinvigorating Your Six Sigma Program  329

    Appendix A: RFP Sample Format  357

    Appendix B: About the Contributors  367

    Index  371

    Product information

    • Title: Six Sigma—The First 90 Days
    • Author(s): Stephen A. Zinkgraf
    • Release date: March 2006
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 0131687409