Time for action - how to create 2D people components

  1. Open the image of a person in GIMP.
  2. Go to Filter | Unsharp mask if necessary to enhance sharpness.
  3. Crop the image near the person using the Crop tool to take away excess image. Do this by dragging a box round the person then press enter when you are done.
  4. Save as a PNG. This is a non-lossy format (refer to Chapter 5,Applying Textures and Materials for Photo-Real Rendering)
  5. In SketchUp, go to File | Import select All Supported Image Types in the drop down box.
  6. Select the image (make sure the Use as image button is selected).
  7. Click Open and place it in SketchUp.

Scaling the person

  1. Select the Tape Measure tool and click under the feet and on the top of the head.
  2. Now type in the approximate height ...

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