Time for action - creating pencil shading in GIMP

  1. Select the Shaded Pencil layer.
  2. Select the Select by Colour tool from the main pallet.
  3. Set Threshold to 1.
  4. Go to Filters | Blur | Motion blur.
  5. Set Length between 10 and 20, and Angle to however you like it to simulate the direction of your pencil strokes.
    Time for action - creating pencil shading in GIMP
  6. The contents of the layer are blurred in the direction you specified.
  7. Select this layer in the layer pallet. Select the move tool and move it back approximately within the sketchy lines (use the arrow keys).
  8. Select Colours | Brightness/contrast, then increase brightness and contrast a little until it looks like pencil shading.
  9. Set the longer blend ...

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