Time for action - manipulating entourage in Kerkythea

Kerkythea has a slightly clunky interface, as do most rendering applications. That's why in Chapter 3, I suggested doing all design and composition of the scene in SketchUp. But once you learn the basics in Kerkythea it's perfectly possible to insert, move, and scale stuff in Kerkythea. Inserting entourage directly into Kerkythea has the advantage of keeping your SketchUp scene uncluttered, import the 3DS format better, and will also allow you to use the OBJ format not supported in SketchUp. You will use the entourage place markers you set up in Chapter 3 to guide where and at what scale to put it, then hide the place markers.


Selection in Kerkythea

Throughout this Time for Action, remember ...

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