Chapter 8

Modeling with Photos and Other Resources


check Applying photos to a model's faces

check Building a model from scratch with SketchUp’s photo-matching tools

check Using photo-matching to match your model to a photograph

check Giving your model a geographic location

check Starting out with a 2D CAD file in SketchUp Pro

Building a model from scratch is all fine and well, but to help you along, SketchUp can import a whole lot of information — in the form of digital photos, 3D terrain data, and even existing 2D CAD.

If you have a model you want to paint with photographs, you can do that. You can apply photos to faces and then use the information in the pictures to help with modeling. Building windows is a lot easier when they’re painted right on the wall. That’s what we talk about in the first part of this chapter.

If you want to use a photo as a basis for modeling something that exists in the real world, you can do that in SketchUp, too. With the Match Photo feature, you can import a picture ...

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